Make Your Home Look Fresh This Spring With These 5 Decor Ideas


 After a long winter, the spring sun is finally here to melt the snow and ice. It is time to rise and shine and spruce up the home. Along with the spring season comes the warmer weather, longer days, and seasonal allergies. It is important to keep these factors in mind when deciding on the type of decoration to use for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Take the time to freshen up your space this spring. Here are 5 fun and easy home decor ideas you can try.

Swap dark colors for pastels

Welcome the spring season with a freshly painted home interior. Bright colors best match the energy of the season, so do not hesitate to swap the dark colors for pastels. Aside from repainting your walls, you should change out some of your old furniture. Going for pieces with a pop of color can make your interior look and feel more refreshing.

Add fresh flowers and greenery

With your garden in full bloom this spring, it surely wouldn’t hurt to cut some flowers for your vases inside the house. Create a more beautiful and lively interior by decorating it with fresh flowers like daffodils and tulips. It would also be ideal to grow indoor plants with air-purifying qualities. NASA recommends placing two to three plants at every hundred square feet inside your home. Among the best air purifying plants from NASA’s clean air study are peace lily, spider plant, English ivy, snake plant, golden pothos, etc.

Set up a gallery wall

Have you always wanted to set up a gallery wall? Now is the perfect time for this interior project. First, you need to gather your art pieces and clear up your target wall space or corner. You can set a gallery wall on any available space in your home. A bathroom gallery wall is among today’s top home trends. Setting up a gallery wall can add style, character, and charm to your bathroom space. It is a low-budget project that you can do on your own.

Incorporate rattan

Create that tropical vibe in your home by adding some rattan furniture pieces. Rattan furniture is perfect for both your indoor and outdoor spaces. It is highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. With its light weight, you can easily move it around whenever you decide to rearrange your furniture.

Style your interior with mirrors

Mirrors can make a small room look and feel bigger. It creates the illusion of depth and space. You can also use mirrors to maximize your room’s lighting. To bring more natural light into the room, position a mirror opposite the window. There is a wide array of designs, shapes, and sizes of mirror products you can find in the market today.

Upgrade your HVAC system to improve indoor comfort and safety this spring

Make it a part of your spring home project to upgrade your HVAC system. Spring is a key time of year for seasonal allergies. Installing a high-efficiency HVAC system will ensure excellent air quality inside your home. What are you waiting for? Call your trusted HVAC contractor right away!


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