Bring The Hotel to Your Home


Do you remember the beautiful feeling of the soft hotel sheets or the scent of the luxurious aromas that circle you inside your luxury hotel room? Bring the hotel to your home this year with some of the most luxe interior trends and home scents 2021 has to offer.

Essential Oils 

Essential oils are the perfect way to create a relaxing, harmonious environment in your home, particularly in areas of your home you like to retreat to. Creating an area, you can relax filled with essential oils and cosy blankets is the perfect step to creating that luxury hotel experience inside your living space. Equally, you could look at purchasing a spa scented oil for your bathroom whilst you give yourself a relaxing hot bath at the end of the day to bring that sense of escapism.

Hardware Finish

Adding a luxurious touch to your door handles really adds a touch of hotel chic to your home. The attention to detail creates beautiful focal points in the home. Looking at the collection of door hardware available at Buster and Punch you can even create a coherent look in your home matching your door handles, door hardware and lighting by piecing together carefully crafted designs that are made to work together.

Image Credit: Buster & Punch

This beautifully finished door handle from Buster & Punch features their signature diamond-cut, cross knurl pattern and is refined by hand. This immediately makes an elegant addition to your home allowing you to recreate the desired hotel feel inside your living space.

Furniture Upcycle

Over the last year upcycling your furniture has taken off. If you have some old, classical pieces in your home you can give them a touch of elegance through some fresh paint, new door handles and some beautiful accessories for the luxury finishing touch.  This will really contribute to the overall look of your home when aiming to achieve the hotel vibe. Make sure to stay around the golds, metallics, natural materials and silvers when creating your new look, these tones add a touch of elegance and really refine the look you want to achieve.


Be sure to accessorise your surfaces with minimalistic decor in elegant neutral yet contrasting tones. This does not always have to be expensive to create a look that screams luxury, and you don’t need to completely redecorate to make a difference. Perhaps you could consider a variety of vases in different sizes to add some definition, paired with a diffuser and some faux flowers.


By draping fabrics such as a blanket or throw over your furniture you’re creating layers and definition in your home which automatically creates an element of luxury. You may want to add a blanket basket into your living room with throws carefully draped over the edge of the wicker as well as having a throw with your cushions on your sofa. The spots of fabrics dotted around the room really add textures, definition, and luxury.


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