Furniture for Your Home’s Gaming Room with Triton Poker Mats


Do you love playing poker? Do you want to turn a room in your house into a poker room? Have any plan to arrange the biggest poker party with friends and colleagues at home? Since the World Series Poker started in 2004, the popularity of the game has reached a new height.

So, if you want to turn a room in your house into a poker room you have to arrange the room with appropriate furniture and fixtures. You can play poker on any surface but some other furniture is essential for players’ comfort and creating a poker ambiance. If you can create that ambiance, the weekends will be splendid – relaxing and happy.

Furniture for your poker room

The most essential furniture for the poker room is of course the poker table and adjustable chairs. Varieties of poker tables are available in the market. Choose the size and style that suit you and the room. You can also turn any ordinary table into a poker table with a triton poker mat. Such poker mats can be unfolded on a table to play the games.

You can buy a poker table with a padded railing all around for letting the players rest their arms on it. When the games continue for a long time, the continuously moving hands automatically want a cushion. Chairs are to be chosen right. These should be comfortable enough with sufficient padding and if possible, with armrests. If you can arrange revolving chairs, the evening will be exhilarating. Take care of the ergonomics of the chairs as well.

Apart from the poker table and chairs, you must arrange a long cozy sofa and some other sitting arrangements for others who are not playing or waiting for their turns. Of course, buy the sofa and chairs as the room permits. Keep in mind that the entire arrangement should be according to the number of guests you are expecting. There should be sufficient space for roaming around. After all, it is going to be a gathering of your friends or colleagues.

A small but compact bar at any corner of the room will be a grand idea. Guests in the poker room will expect drinks and snacks. Having a bar will make the moments memorable for all. If space does not permit a bar cabinet or cart will be a good alternative.

You can also hang a big-sized television on any one wall that the players waiting on the couch can enjoy. In a poker room when old friends or close acquittances gather, different types of discussions take place. A television and news channel or a favorite movie will keep people engaged viewing their favorite channels and discussing over diverse matters.

How does a poker-playing mat change the whole ambiance?

It’s not possible always to buy a poker table because it’s expensive. If you are into the game for fun only and the aim of gathering your friends on the weekends is just for having a good time together, you need not buy a poker table. You can think about it later. Right now, arrange a table that could accommodate 6-10 players comfortably. Make some general changes to make it right for the players and buy a poker-playing mat. A mat of this kind has several good features that make it suitable for the players:

  • It can be spread on any plane surface and your team start playing instantly. This means, even if you don’t have a poker table, use any table. People even play poker on the bed or simply spreading it on the floor. The mat turns a surface into a poker junction anytime.
  • It is portable. You can install and uninstall it any time. A typical poker mat can accommodate up to 10 players.
  • A good quality poker mat is made of high quality fabric at the upper surface. It makes the playing surface smooth enough.
  • The lower surface is rubber-coated that keeps the mat firmly placed. Players won’t face any issues while playing, the mat doesn’t move at all.
  • The mats are available in multiple colors; choose one as per the theme of the poker room you have designed in your house.

Some other important aspects

  • Take care of the color scheme as well. The ambiance should be comfortable so that your friends feel easy and spend some hours at your home happily.
  • The lighting also plays a significant part in the making of a poker room. Too bright is not the trend but there should be sufficient brightness so that guests feel comfortable and players could read the cards properly.

Play poker on any surface if you have Triton poker mats but focus on furnishing as well. The key is to combine style and comfort so that your guests feel they are in a well-designed poker room of a real casino.


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