Create an Amazing Instagramable Bedroom Design in Your Home

1800 – Instagram is one of the popular social media nowadays. People use this application to upload photos, videos, and share daily life stories. By using Instagram, people can communicate and inspire each other through the internet. Sometimes you do not need to go outside the home to find a catchy spot to take a photo for your Instagram feed. You can take an aesthetic photo by designing a catchy background at home, especially in the bedroom. Now, we have compiled some ideas for an Instagram-able bedroom that you can apply in your bedroom.

Plays with Room Color Decoration

The thing that is determined the catchy room is the color. Choosing the right color to create a catchy instagramable bedroom requires a nice taste of coloring the room. Create a bedroom interior with a color that suits your character. The combination of two or more colors, the gradation, the mono-color, and many more as the basis of designing a bedroom.

  • Soft Brown

Soft Brown

A bedroom with a soft brown color has a calm impression. The soft brown color usually uses as the color of Shabby Chic interior design. If you take a photo near the soft brown color, it has a natural light that is reflected by its soft color. Besides, the soft brown color makes your photo seems clean and bright.

  • Olive Green

Olive Green

Olive Green is a soft color as the paler version of emerald green. This color looks smoother if comparing with white color. When creating an Instagrammable spot, you can choose this color to arouse the natural background color. You can also mix and match this color with a darker color.

  • Monochrome


What do you think about the monochrome color? Is it black and white? No, it is more than just black and white. As long as the combination of contrast colors is in the same tone then it is monochrome color. The white color combines with grey color originates a monochromatic effect in a room. For your instagramable bedroom, monochrome is nice to be used as the tone color of the bedroom.

  • White


The clean and calm impression is one of the features of the white color. This color symbolizes purity, cohesiveness, and cleanliness. You can a photo from any direction in a white room, as long as the furniture color doesn’t hide the light you still get bright lighting.

  • Gray


Like the previous colors we have mentioned, gray color has a calm impression also.  Gray is the combination of white and black color that generates a neutral color. As the basis color in a room, you can have gray to cover all the boredom in a room. Do not forget to put a darker color to show off the strength of the gray color.

  • Yellow


You can use yellow to create an instagramable bedroom in your home. By using yellow, you can create a bright and cheerful interior atmosphere. With an atmosphere like this, you can get a good mood to enjoy your relaxing time. It also makes you rest and sleep better after a day of activities.

Change The Furniture

Mix and match the furniture determines the appearance of the room, especially to create an instagramable bedroom. An interesting design is needed to make the photo looks attractive. To create an instagramable bedroom, you need to choose the furniture to be shown in a room. Here, the lists of interesting furniture to make an instagramable bedroom.

  • Lampshade


A lamp is a thing that you should put in your bedroom. It has the function to make your room brighter. Besides, the lamp also has a decorative function if you put an attractive lampshade. The lampshade shouldn’t be the expensive one, put a simple lampshade with a soft color and interesting shape. A little furniture also determines the look of an instagramable bedroom to make it interesting.

  • Couch


This furniture should be a clean comfy couch. Put this couch in the corner of the room near the window if it is possible. The soft material makes you feel comfortable when taking a picture of having a nice reading time.

  • Swing chair

Hanging chair

A rattan swing chair is close to the Bohemian design. The spirit of freedom and aesthetic value can be used as the complement of instagramable decoration. You can use this chair to take an artistic photo.

  • Curtain


There are many beautiful curtains that people used as the background of an aesthetic photo. It may inspire you to change your curtain into the interesting one. Besides, the beautiful long curtain makes your bedroom more elegant. It is easy and practical for you to take a photo in front of the curtain.

  • An ornamental plant

An ornamental plant

The greenery sensation is catchy to bring into the bedroom. You can manipulate the mini garden by attaching some ornamental plants to your bedroom. Besides, the ornamental plants can be an interesting spot for taking instagramable photos. It gives extra oxygen to the room, then the atmosphere will be fresher.

Instagramable Bedroom Design Ideas

The next topic that we discuss are some bedroom interior designs that you can apply to create a beautiful, aesthetic and instagramable atmosphere. By applying the right decoration, you can make your bedroom the most comfortable and aesthetic place for you to relax and enjoy your private time. For that, let’s discuss this topic.

  • Bohemian Bedroom Design

Bohemian bedroom

A Bohemian bedroom has an interesting design. The decoration in the Bohemian bedroom facilitates you to have an aesthetic photo. Rattan material is a nice traditional accent that completes the Bohemian design.

  • Antique Decoration In Your Bedroom

Antique furniture

Antique furniture has an interesting shape, color, and texture. It helps you to create an extraordinary design. To make it an aesthetic spot, you can put those antique things in your bedroom. A display on the wall, an antique chandelier, and color choices are interesting to make as the basic elements to decorate an instagramable place.

  • Rustic Interior Design


Rustic is identical to nature. We can find natural elements in almost all interior design. This element is nice to combine with other designs, no matter what kind of design is. A leafy ornament arouses the sense of nature. The rattan and wood color has a role to make the room warmer.

  • Mid-century Interior Design


An old design becomes an attractive design that brings us the strength of originality from the time past design. Hang some antique ornaments such as hats, ornamental plants, and wooden shelves. The mid-century bed looks masculine and elegant in an instagramable bedroom.


Thus our discussion about Create an Amazing Instagramable Bedroom Design in Your Home. Instagram is an application that is used as a tool to share pictures, videos, and life stories. Many people try to decorate their bedroom to make it an interesting place to take a photo. It is easy to decorate your bedroom into an interesting instagramable spot. By designing an interesting bedroom, you can take beautiful photos as much as you want. We hope this article inspires you to decorate your instagramable bedroom and share these ideas if it helps you a lot. Happy decorating.


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