Top 7 Helpful Tips For Decorate Your Study Room


At times, we tend to engage and engross in developing the other areas of the home – bedroom, kitchen, and the drawing-room. In doing so, we somehow ignore the children zone or the study zone of the child.

In a house blessed with children or a house with college-going children, there has to be a unique space where the children can read, study, compose, and finish their homework, while simultaneously engaging themselves in the creative work of their choice. A child’s study room is not just their personal space, but it is the area where they study, learn, and do their homework. It is the space where they pursue their passion.

Be it at home or in school; the rooms must be beautified and furnished accordingly. Study rooms boost the learning and study ability of a child. Thus, proper care and detailing are needed while you furnish the study room.

There is an array of aspects that should be considered while you decorate a study – color combination, room size, comfort, furniture, prudent space utilization, or any other child-specific requirements. So, let us get started and provide you with the seven best tips that can help you decorate your study room.

Look for a suitable space.

When you live in a big house, you will have a separate room to spare. So, you can consider converting that room into your child’s study room. Furnish and beautify it with study chairs, desks, bookshelves, and everything possible.

Unfortunately, not every family will have this luxury of a separate room. If you live in a small apartment or house, you need to look for an area that should be converted into a study space. It can be your child’s bedroom or any area in the house with minimum commotion, a section of the home office, or any other space.

Further, consider utilizing the space underneath the stairs. If they love the Harry Potter movie, they will love this idea. It will be like one of those Harry Potter closets.

‘Generally speaking, there are three key rules that you need to bear in mind when selecting a study area for your child. One, it should have great ventilation and proper air circulation, two, the natural light should be good, and third, it should be free from all homely distractions, comments Julie, an educator who offers assignment help Sydney. 

Add a bit of a color splash to the room

A study suggests that adding different colors into your kid’s study room can leave a different impact on their mind. Thus, it is quintessential for you to select the right mix of colors. Selection of the right color combination is vital.

‘You need to add in a brilliant mix of colors to accentuate and amplify the mood and spirit of your child. Further, colors help in producing a tranquil environment. Green and blue colors work best to produce an environment that the children appreciate. The soothing, pacifying, and tranquil ambiance will make the study space perfect for them to stay positive and work on their goals,’ shares Stanley, an educator who works with a platform that offers ‘pay someone to do my homework services.

Invest in some artificial lights

As far as the artificial lighting goes, it would be best if you were wise in selecting and picking only the lights that are neither too bright nor too dull. You can opt for tube lights, pendant lamps, recessed lights, wall-mounted lamps, ceiling lights, and the likes of it. To receive optimal focus, also add some table lamps on their study table. One of the best things about these study tables is that they can be availed in multiple designs and colors and will boost the overall décor of the study room.

Access to the computer on the table

Today it is more than a necessity for a child to have access to the study table in the room. So, make sure that the study table that you pick has adequate space to accommodate the PC or a laptop. They will probably need it to extract resources, clear their doubts, make presentations, and seek references.

A dedicated rack for books

How can a study room ever be completed without the inclusion of a book rack? When the room has a rack with books, it adds to the room’s overall appeal,’ comments Donna, an educator with EduWorldUSA. 

There is no particular section or space that should have the rack. Depending on the space available and the requirement, you can boost the creative mode with ideas. It is best to apply some space-saving strategies here to make the room look admirably pleasing. Having a wall-mounted bookshelf can be a great way to save some space and add to the room’s appeal.

Personalize by using some accessories

If used the right way, accessories can make even the simplest things look fantastic. Having said that, be very careful with the accessories you use, so you do not end up cluttering or over-crowding the room. This becomes all the more important when you already have limited space.

Make sure every accessory you pick has a personal vibe and feel to it. Do not go on adding any random décor pieces. Something like a bean bag or a colourful rug wherein the child can relax when they are not on the study table. Add in some desk organizers, pen holders, and a dust bin to increase usability. You can consider other accessories like a clock, globes, cushions, maps, and alike depending on the space availability.

Be creative with the wall décor

Lastly, by adding a beautiful color palette on the walls, you can even add a beautiful wall décor on one of the walls. Therein you can add some motivating quotation or anything that boosts their spirits and motivates them to work harder in life.

So, these are seven of the most effective tips that you can use to boost the interiors and the décor of your child’s study room. Have more such tips to add to the list? Let us know in the comment box below.


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