Top 10 Tips For Buying Bed Sheets


The bedroom is the ultimate place for relaxation. When you come home from an exhausting and tiring day, you need to lie down on your bed. However, bed sheets are the primary source of comfort in a bedroom. What if your bed sheet is not comfortable enough? You will not be able to have a peaceful and quality sleep.

Bed sheets improve the quality of sleep and provide you with the right kind of comfort. Moreover, apart from comfort—choosing the perfect bed sheet also enhances the interior of your room.

The room where you spend most of your quality time must be comforting and refreshing. We will be covering some tips by on buying the perfect bed sheets for your room that can provide you with comfortable and peaceful sleep.

1. The Right Fit:

Getting the right size of bed sheets is one of the most important factors. A small bed sheet will not fully cover your mattress, and a big bed sheet will always be dropping off the corners. There are varieties of sheets; you just need to measure your mattress size accurately. Either you can measure it by using an inch tape or in some of the mattresses, a label is attached.

If you have a queen bed, a 78×80 inch bed sheet will fit rightly. In case if you have a king bed, a 72×84 inches of king sheet will be sufficient enough. Nobody wants to disturb their sleep just because the fitting of the bed sheet is not accurate. Get a right-sized bed sheet and sleep peacefully.

2. Trending Accessories:

If you are a fan of minimalistic design and tones, you can always get a simple bed sheet and accessorize it with other decorative items. Get a one tone bed sheet and pair it with a fancy comforter and pillows.

Yes, investing in bed sheets is important as it enhances the overall look of the room. But, it depends upon personal choice as well. You can always follow the trend by getting things done smartly. You can do so much more with a plain bed sheet—get the printed pillow covers and pair it with a single tone bed sheet.

3. Thread Count:

You might have heard the term ‘Thread Count,’ or you might have seen the tag of thread count on bed sheet covers. Have you ever wondered why thread count is important? The higher the thread count, the more comfortable the sheet. However, the softness of a bed sheet is not only associated with the thread count.

Comfortable sheets are a mixture of many components, and the thread count is one of the essential components. Different materials of the bed sheet have a different thread count. Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, makes the right choice with quality thread count and material. However, if you are looking for a more reasonable option, you can also go for a polyester blend.

4. Egyptian Cotton:

Egyptian cotton is indeed the best choice when it comes to bed sheets. It comes under the umbrella of luxurious sheet materials. However, there is always a doubt when buying an Egyptian cotton bed sheet. You need to be careful as not all the sheets are real Egyptian cotton.

The durability and softness of the Egyptian cotton bed sheets are impeccable because the cotton used is grown in Egypt with specific climate conditions. The material is washed and combed under experts and is manufactured with utmost detail. However, there are low-quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets available in the market as they are grown outside the natural habitat.

5. Percale or Sateen:

You may know about Percale and Sateen, but do you know which one is better?

Both of the weaves are of exceptional quality and hold a good name in terms of comfort. It is just a matter of choice, some people are fans of percale, and some are satin.

Percale is a matte weave and gives a cool feeling which is perfect for people who are temperature conscious. In contrast, sateen is extremely soft and lustrous material. It gives a smooth finish to the bed and gives an exquisite look to the bedroom. Besides, you can always touch both the fabric to know your preference.

6. Material of the bed sheet:

The material of the bed sheet is a personal choice. Just because a material is trending, you can consider buying it. What if you are allergic to that material? The material of the bed sheet is also associated with the color and interior of the room. If your room is dark-colored, you can buy cotton-poplin sheets.

However, you should always go for a soft and breathable bed sheet; such bed sheets are considerable for all the seasons. Also, you can try polyester—a wrinkle-free material. Linen is also a pretty good choice, especially in the summer seasons.

7. Plain or Print:

Again, a plain or printed bed sheet is a personal choice. Not everyone likes printed bed sheets. You just need to know how to design your bedroom and bed sheets aesthetically. Even if you are a person who likes plain and simple bed sheets, you can pair it with a printed pillow. Moreover, you can also do the full bedding in one color and get a printed duvet cover.

In comparison, if you like printed bed sheets—to keep a balance, you can do plain comforters. Just make sure that—mix and matching must give a contrasting look. It should not look blunt and shallow.

8. Coordination:

There is no point in buying an aesthetic bed sheet if it does not coordinate with your bedroom. It is extremely important to color coordinate the theme. Ensure that your bed sheet goes well with your bed’s color and headboard or gives a shallow look.

Moreover, you should always get the bed sheet that goes coordinates with the walls. If your bedroom is colored in a darker shade, it will be best to go for a lighter color bed sheet.

9. Seasonal Material:

It is wise to get a bed sheet that would look amazing all year. However, if you are the type of person who keeps winter and summer essentials separately—that’s fine. But, if you are someone who would want to keep things simple, buy the bed sheets which are evergreen.

Besides, you can always sort out your favorite bed sheets for special occasions.

10. Taking Good Care:

No matter what material you are buying, it is important to take care of them properly. Bed sheets are an investment, and they can go a long way—only if you give them the proper care. Excess of fabric softeners can actually eat the softness and durability of the material. Besides, drying the bed sheets in hot heat can also damage the fabric. Always wash your bed sheets in lukewarm water and dry them on minimal heat.

Well, now you must have known everything about bed sheets. If you think that your bed sheets are not the best type, go ahead and buy them as per the guidelines. Comfort and fashion should always go hand in hand. Therefore, it is important to go with personal choice and take proper care of the fabric.


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