Contemporary Bookshelf Divider For Functional And Elegant room


Bookshelf divider is needed

Especially if you are renting either your apartment or home, every single square foot is at a high premium, using a bookshelf for a room divider is an ideal choice. You can stuff your bookcase to gills with stuff but this actual bookcase is to be a wall, not a bookcase. Take a look at what some of the others have done to make their bookcases look pretty and part of decor in the room.

Bookshelf is not just a bookcase

In the other hand, Bookshelves offer a handy storage solution for more than books. Bookshelves are not just for holding books. They also provide a versatile solution for dividing your space. Whether you’re trying to make a large room more functional or create more privacy in a small space, bookshelves can divide a space while also creating more storage and adding depth and interest to your decor.

Size is matter

When using a bookshelf to divide your space, size plays a critical role in whether or not it works. Bookshelves should not be more than 48 inches wide to ensure you have sample space to walk through to the other living area. Most bookshelves are no more than 24 inches deep. The ideal height of unit, depends largely on size of room and height of your ceilings.

Fit your Bookshelf divider

A tall bookcase suits a room with high ceilings, but a low bookshelf still provides a clear separation between living areas and leaves smaller rooms feeling somewhat open. Open bookshelves allow you to see books or other accessories on the shelves from either side of  divided space, Using matched units next to each other if you’re using more than one bookshelf to divide your room. Try to find units of similar color, design and finish. Units that are too different draw attention to each other and feel out of place. You can, however, use different-size units. A tall bookshelf paired with a shorter unit can create an architecturally pleasing effect.

A bookshelf that divides a room effectively is seen but is not  focal point. Displaying books on shelves is fine, but depending on room you’re dividing, you might want to be a little more creative. If you put only books on  shelves, it will make units feel heavier. Use storage provided by  shelves to accent decor and your books. A mid each row of books, break up monotony with photos, vases, sculptures, lamps and other decorative objects.

Creative Ideas To Place Bookshelf Divider into Your Room

Square Tall white bookshelf with scandinavian style is not just dividing but give  accent to fill up room with adding random small wood decorate among each rack.

Bookshelf divider with box pattern and creative size mid border among books  will give more storage and artistic.

Stunning unsymmetrical and flexible style of bookshelf divider will make your room simple more attractive and full of uniqueness.

Creative bookshelf divider with combining between wood and aluminium material will make your room elegant.

A Brilliant bookshelf divider made as  wall border between room and ladder down. With height up to ceiling, it gives impression of solid like a wall and minimalist with empty space above books.

Small bookshelf divider with two pair matched left and right like a gate or entry door will make your room luxury.

Minimalist divider with small thin iron material but wider and more storage will make your room more spacious and have industrialist style.

Creative Bookshelf divider like Triple A in you room make your room fashionable

Creative diagonal bookshelf divider with material wood will make your room unique and inspiring.

Simple but elegant bookshelf divider with stepping hanging rack will make your room elegant minimalist.





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