10 Modular Kitchen Design Ideas


Modern India includes having luxury cars, western outfits, leisure homes etc., but when it actually comes down to the food, it is full of spices and a variety of healthy recipes. In order to actually match up with so many of these food varieties and the modernization of our kitchen, we have listed below some of the most famous kitchen layout that will help you achieve the modular look that you are aiming for.

In a modular kitchen, usually the number as well as the types of the cabinets along with the layout of the various appliances is planned out. This doesn’t mean that all the kitchens have to look the same. Hence we have curated a list of ten such kitchens which not only have ample space, but also personalities of their own. The best furniture stores online might not get you a deal as good as the ones at flea market might. So always keep your eyes peeled for a unique item.

  1. L – shaped kitchen

These are usually always the first choice of any homemaker because of the fact that it is compact when it comes to space and looks aesthetic too. It is sure to give you the perfect area to work and cook in and looks organized as well. The washing and the cooking area can easily be divided in order to make it user-friendly and it is also quite easy to assemble along with the other accessories in the kitchen. It enables multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time. It allows to have a large space for the installation of drawers and shelves which can be used for storage.

  1. U – shaped kitchen

Do you want ample amount of space in your kitchen and also want to have a separate from the living room but still have access of the dining area? If your requirements tick all the above said boxes, then U – shaped kitchen is what you’re looking for. The island can be included in the centre if you want, in order to give more of a sophisticated and elegant look. This type of a kitchen is a common choice for those people who have a joint family and enjoy having dinners together.

  1. Parallel Kitchens

These kind of kitchens are the best as they acquire less space. They are also called gallery kitchens as they allow the floor to be empty because it acts as a central walk way and space for someone to stand and cook in. In this type of system, the walls are efficiently used to build cupboards and cabinets against in order to store kitchen equipment etc.

  1. Straight Kitchens

These kind of kitchens are general singe-walled and contain a lot of things that are linear in fashion. The layout for the same is rather simple and suitable for a single user. In this kitchen, everything can easily be hidden in the door’s pockets and the accessories like cooking ingredients, cabinets cooking tools which can be easily reached out for. There is always enough cabinet storage which is layered overhead that provides an organized look.

  1. Modular Island Kitchen

This layout is a combination of an island with modular kitchen which helps for the facilitation of counter space for the exiting work. It can easily ne fitted in any type of the above mentioned layout for a sensible working area which aids preparation, cooking and clean up. This can be used for separating the storage area as well as it does not quite interfere with the cooking area.

  1. Peninsula Kitchens

These are similar to the island kitchens in some ways, but the main difference is the size and the positioning of the island. This is like the permanent dining area in the house. It does not directly fall into the kitchen area, but at the same time is not further away from it either.

  1. Stainless Steel Kitchens

Stainless steel kitchens are very user-friendly as they are corrosion free, have an easy maintenance to the, they are flexible and unique looking when it comes to designing. The most important and note-worthy advantage of the kitchen is that it is durable and eco-friendly. You can buy home decor accessories online to decorate and populate your kitchen easily.

  1. Tropical Kitchens

Tropical kitchens are the kind that are trending now because people are leaning towards the nature and hence this layout has a laid-back approach and appearance. One of the most attractive and important things about the tropical interiors is the fact that it has traditional designs with ornamental carvings which are made on wooden surfaces which have tropical plants lying around.

  1. Matte with Quartz

This style comes under the umbrella of the top trending kitchen styles of today’s generation as it gives a moody, cool and classy look to the kitchens, which sure is catching on. It is safe to say that black is no more a negative colour and it in fact can be given a matte finish with its counter colour like white and grey which helps give the kitchen an industrial look.

  1. Material finish in kitchen

Making use of materials such as marble, steel, wood, granite and other artistic appliances gives a much excellent insight into the poetic and simple appearance to the kitchen. Go in with your own ideas and designs for the dining are, sink area and the cooking area. You can execute your ideas in the way you like which can be done in these kinds of kitchens.

Now that you have a lowdown on the various kinds of modular kitchens, what is stopping you from transforming your own cooking hub?


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