Want to Upgrade Your Home Interior? Try Out These 7 Hacks


Once in a while, you’re hit with the impulse to change the look of your home. When that happens, you may feel stumped and unsure of how to proceed. If you’re in the mood to upgrade your home interior, then here are 7 ideas that can help with that.

Layering multiple rugs

One way of upgrading your main room is by layering rugs. Professional interior decorators often ignore layering. However, layering is a great way to add some colours to your living room.

Here’s the trick to layering. Get one large rug to serve as the base and 2 to 3 normal-sized accent rugs to layer with. Cotton rugs or solid rugs are usually used as the base rug. Make sure your base rug is a neutral colour, is textured for effect, and is flat-woven, so it stays low to the ground. Choose accent rugs with artistic patterns and vibrant colours to go n top.

Apart from their beauty that ties the living room together, they also serve the practical purpose of being warm and soft to walk on.

Get some leafy roommates.

Plants are a great way to liven up your living room, literally, too. A few potted plants or a terrarium and your main room will look and feel brand new. Leafy roommates are perfect for rooms with mostly neutral colours. The green from your terrarium will brighten up the room rather well. You can place your plant or terrarium on a boring mantelpiece or a dull shelf to liven the area. They also have a magical ability to make a barren room appear airier, cleaner, and fresher.

Sideboards make all the difference.

You probably have a beautiful TV in your living room that’s perfect for catching up on your favourite Netflix show. A sideboard is an excellent way of integrating your TV into your living room upgrade.

It used to be hard to plan your living room design thanks to all the wiring that came with having a TV. You can now simplify things by using a sideboard instead of the traditional TV stand you grew up with.

You can also get a sideboard even if you don’t have a TV. They offer lots of space for accents, plants, mirrors, and anything that’ll end up in your living room.

Upgrade your space with personal touches

Interior design is more or less a big business today. Most houses are fitted with the trendiest décor, furniture, and fittings. Sadly, this has led to a lot of manufactured houses that look the same.

The best way to add some individuality and authenticity is to add your personal touch to your decoration. You can decorate your home with a canvas print with family name as well. Post the artwork or use your memorable family photos to create a wall gallery.

You can also have your family ancestry up on your wall or post photos of your grandparents or great-grandparents. You can also post your interest, passion, whatever you’re interested in.

Changing the Ambience with Electric Lights

In most living rooms, lighting is usually provided by a floor lamp. While there’s nothing wrong with a floor lamp, however non-traditional electric bulbs can creatively lighten up your room. Fairy lights are also another way to brighten and decorate your living room.

If there are pre-installed lamps on your ceiling, there’s a large probability that it is subpar. Why not replace it with designer ceiling lamps that can complement the décor in your living room.

Create a Personal Library

If you’re a book lover and you love the smell of bound books, then there’s nothing better than a bookshelf to decorate your room. You have several options; you can create a small stack of books and use them as accents on your coffee table. Why not display your favourite authors there? Alternatively, you can set up a wall shelf. A wall shelf lets you display more books, and you can decorate it as you wish. Look out for creative ways that you can use your book display to upgrade your room.

Working with negative space

Positive space refers to the space that’s occupied with actual stuff such as furniture, floor lamps, or artwork. Negative space is the space around everything else.

Proper utilisation of negative space is a great way to upgrade your main room. Negative space is important, as without it the room won’t function. It also offers a visual balance to the rest of the room. It helps to highlight and properly showcase the few things you have decorated with.

Without the right amount of negative space, your décor will end up looking like clutter.

Final Thought

The most vital thing to remember when upgrading your living room is to have fun. The 7 ideas listed here can be a huge help in upgrading your main room if appropriately applied. Choose ideas that fit your personality and will create a warm and living space for you, your family, and any guest you entertain.


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