Minimalist Belgian Living Room Style Inspirations

1647 – Belgian style living room design has a luxurious and modern impression. You can make your living room belgian style by combining modern and traditional elements. With an interior concept like that you have a beautiful minimalist belgian living room design. Let’s discuss how to make your living room have a belgian style.

Ways and Tips for a Minimalist Belgian Living Room Style

There are many ways to make your living room have a belgian style. There are several features that show your living room in a belgian style, for example your furniture, room elements and colors. Let’s discuss it further.

Warm Neutral Color

belgian style color

The first thing we will discuss to make the living room a belgian style is to use warm neutral colors. Neutral color is a hallmark of belgian interior style. Neutral colors make the room look more spacious and bright. You can use natural colors such as light brown, beige, and gray.

Large Furniture

oversized furniture

After discussing the color of the room, then we will discuss about the furniture used. General characteristics of belgian style are large and oversized furniture. By using large furniture, we must understand how to put our furniture so that the living room remains comfortable to stay in. Do not let the use of large furniture instead makes the room uncomfortable. Make your living room balanced between aesthetic and functional values.

Involving Natural Elements

naturla element

The next feature we will discuss is the belgian style interior design involving natural accents in its use. Natural materials that you can use are wood, natural stone, ceramics, marble and so on. Use these natural materials by combining them with other materials. For wood material, let wood look rough and for stone material use it that is outdated. The location of the belgian style lies in the rawness of the material.

Linen Curtains with Volume

linen curtain

In addition to using large furniture, you also need to install curtains that have volume. The general characteristic that we discussed earlier is oversized furniture. This also applies to the curtains, by using the volume curtains, then you make your living room look more like a belgian style. For linen itself is a symbol of wealth in Europeans, linen curtains give a luxurious and beautiful impression to your living room.

Patina Accent

The softness and sensibility of the Belgian interior is the patina. Patina is an aging which gives the impression of an antique that occurs on the surface of metal objects. You can find it on a table or chair made of metal. By giving a patina accent to the design of your living room, you get a belgian style living room that is aesthetic and comfortable to stay at.

Avoiding Goods Stacking

using storage

Next we will discuss is the arrangement of rooms in the belgian style. One feature of the belgian style living room is a minimalist design that uses natural light. By tidying up your things so they don’t pile up, you can make the lighting in your room better. It would also be better if you provide a place for storing your belongings so they don’t look messy. That way you have a beautiful living room with natural light entering the room.

Combination of Old Designs with New Designs

combining old and new design

The last concept we will discuss for the belgian style is a blend of traditional and modern styles. By combining furniture with patina and minimalist accents in your living room, it gives a beautiful impression. You can also combine industrial elements such as unpainted walls. You can also use the interior of your living room to have a majority of iron furniture.

So some easy and inspirational ways to make your living room belgian style. You can combine the methods above according to your tastes and needs. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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