Tips and Practices For Home Defender to Keep Rodents out of Your House


No one likes to live with rats. The reason is not only are these destructive and loud, but they can cause many health troubles to humans. Some common health troubles from rodents are allergic reactions such as asthma, respiratory disorder, and mental health distress. Therefore to keep you and your family safe, it is important to get rid of these rodents. Want to know how? Then this blog is for you. Here we will discuss some tips and practices that can keep your home rodent pest-free. So without further ado, follow these practices.

Find our Rodent Gateways in your home.

Rodents always follow some hidden and weak entry point in your home. You may not be aware of those. Like, if you are in Sydney, where climate change greatly impacts your home board and walls. So, think twice and find rotted boards, soggy drywall, or poor areas that can be easily cut by mice and rat’s sharp teeth. Let’s know more about possible entryways of rodents in your home;

  • Start by looking at small gaps in the corners of your home. These can be sidings that are poorly secured or doorway gaps. These small gaps under doorways are big enough for rats and mice to enter your home. Once you get inside, rats can easily create space in your attic and walls.
  • If you have attics, inspect them wisely. Because these are loaded with soft material that makes it a comfortable place to live for rats.
  • Mostly brick homes have to “weep holes” for ventilation. If your home also has ventilation space, do not forget to use products to keep the rodents away.
  • If you are using an air conditioner, water line, or other systems for managing air and water. Then remember to check holes. It might be sending an invitation to rats for a space in your home.
  • Conduct experts visit to know all the weak areas in your home is a great initiative. Like experts from Rodent pest control Sydney use the latest technology to identify the areas from where rodents are getting in and where they are likely to hide. Once you recognize the signs, you can also solve the problem in the future.

Remove or Properly Contain Rodent-Friendly Items

Rats and mice always look for a space where they can get plenty of food and a comfortable place to live. Therefore, do not give this opportunity to a pest that they start believing it’s their home. Practicing these tips can help you;

  • Never keep the dry food and other edibles in an open space. Try to cover immediately once you have done with them. Think of your cereal, flour, sugar, rice in the kitchen and if these are not covered, pack them in airtight containers.
  • Do not use an open garbage can to dispose of food. It gives them a chance to taste new dishes at your home.
  • Avoid opening doors and windows without screening. A home without screening works like guiding rats coast is clear.
  • Try to avoid overnight keeping dirty dishes and containers in the kitchen. Wash them and clean your sink clean to keep your home healthy.

A healthy home is essential for a healthy life. Therefore, do not leave any stone unturned that can affect your health and deteriorate its value. Importantly, be regular for the expert’s visit to control rodent pests from your home.


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