Ideal Table Top Types for Kitchen That Are Maintenance-Free and Look Elegant


Are you shifting to a new place or maybe renovating your current apartment?

That’s great news!

You must go for the best options accessories available and choose something that will complement the house and also your taste. Do you know what should be the most important thing before getting a tabletop? You should first of all look at your budget!

Obviously, without deciding on the amount that you are willing to spend for your tabletop it is nearly impossible for you to select one for yourself. It should also be in a size that will nicely fit in your apartment and also most importantly something that you will like for years because things like these are not changed frequently.

Who has so much money to spend and change their furniture every year?

No one does that!

Think of choosing something funky, that looks cute and elegant in the kitchen, but after a year when you get bored of that trendy funky design, you will say “what was I even thinking when I bought it!”

Here are some ideas for an ideal tabletop for the kitchen that will look elegant and minimize the maintenance cost for you.

Crackled Glass Table Top

Are you looking for a modern and sleek look for your kitchen?

Then a glass tabletop is the right choice for you!

Not only does glass tabletops give a modern touch to your home but also it creates openness and gives a more spacious feeling. People choosing this for their homes can also benefit from its prices as these tabletops tend to be budget-friendly. Click here to buy the dream table top that can make your home look luxurious.

If you have good knowledge about the décor and themes then you can try to design your apartment uniquely with glass tables, which can give an elegant look to your home.

With all the advantages of glass tabletops, there are certain cons that cannot be ignored.

If you look at the maintenance side, the glass can be chipped or scratched easily if you have a clumsy personality; whereas, it can go without any problems if you tend to take proper care.

Do you know the best part about the glass tabletops that are made these days?

Nowadays, more tempered glass is used to make these tabletops that resist scratches and also helps with the heat problems that most likely occurred conventionally. Also, these come in so many different shades such as smoked, translucent, and many others which gives the buyer a variety of options to choose from according to their taste and also the ongoing fashion.

Marble tabletop

So are you looking forward to investing in something that will turn out to be a showstopper for your apartment?

Then trust me marble tabletops are the right choice for you!

Marble without any doubt is one of the most beautiful stones and never gets out of fashion. They look so elegant and attractive even in the simplest design and that’s the reason it is loved by most people.

Have you seen movies or TV shows that incorporated stories of kings and queens? You must have noticed that they mostly had marble furniture in their palaces.

The most amazing thing about this is that it comes in several colors and designs from which the buyer can choose according to his preference.

With all the uniqueness and attractiveness that marble comes with, it also comes with a number of setbacks. The marble tabletops need extra attention in terms of cleaning and maintaining. If it is not given appropriate care then it is prone to scratches. Also, the marble is considered to be a very soft stone that can be cracked very easily, and hence it can be dangerous if it is not taken care of.

Taking into account all of these factors a person should decide on buying the marble tabletop only if they can manage it, make sure they can keep it clean and avoid any scratches on it. If proper care is taken then these marble tables are a good investment as they can last forever.

Simple wooden tabletop

Looking for something that will look nice and at the same time is durable too?

What are you waiting for then? Wood tables are the go-to option for you!

These tabletops not only look decent and make the environment feel cozy but also are highly durable. People tend to choose this type of table because it can be easily repaired and the maintenance of wood is also relatively trouble-free.

The decision of choosing the color will also be hassle-free since there are not many options available. Though there are several wood types that will have to be considered when choosing a table for your apartment.

Is there anything that does not have its disadvantages? I guess no!

With wood, there is a problem that it tends to expand and contract on the basis of heat and humidity in the house and is also prone to getting scratches but the fact that it can be repaired easily is the plus point for it.

Quartz tabletop

Do you know about the quartz tabletop option? It can be one of the most attractive options available for you when considering for buying a tabletop.

This material is liked by most of the people because it possesses the same qualities as marble and granite that are quite expensive. Also, these do not have the problem of staining which gives it a plus point. If the buyer selects this, he even do not have to invest a lot of his time in maintaining and cleaning.

Do you know the most amazing part of it? This is an engineered stone, which means it is highly durable and one can purchase it for his kitchen.

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Final Words

This may seem to be an easy task at first but choosing the right type of tabletop for your kitchen can be challenging. Especially when there are so many options available for you in the market. There are many factors one considers while making a purchase be its durability, maintenance, the budget, or the fashion, all are very essential.

Hope this helps you with your shopping for the kitchen!


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