How Often Should You Change Your Vacuum Bags?


Most people have a busy schedule to look after their homes. They often got stuck with their work that they are unable to complete their work on due time. That is why they are worried about vacuum bags because they think that vacuum needs daily washing which is totally impossible for them. Do you think the same? Well, that is often true for some people because they might be using an old version of vacuum cleaner who have also completed their warranty cycle. Therefore, we are here to provide you with the greatest and result-oriented hacks on how often to change your vacuum bags. We assure you that the information is all you were looking for a long time. Moreover, you will find a surprise inside the entire article? Sounds exciting! If you want to know the surprise, just keep reading.

Now, let us discuss some useful tips and tricks on how often you should change your vacuum bags effectively.

1. Clean Brushes And Bristles Regularly

If you are using vacuum bags with over one year of warranty, you are on the bright side. After every use, try to wash brushes and bristles inside the machine as much as possible. If you are a working woman and do not have time to wash at the exact time of usage, you can also clean them whenever you get free time. One more thing! If you notice any hair or stings around the bristles, do not pull them out. You will need a pair of scissors to cut them off. Lastly, spray sanitizer all around the bristles to clean them effectively. After that process, your machine will work more vividly and it will enhance the time of the vacuum bag with a 100% guarantee.

2. Empty The Vacuum Canister

Another important factor to efficiently clean your vacuum bag is the empty process of vacuum canister. The vacuum canister fills up after a single-use. That is why we will recommend you clear the canister immediately after a single usage. According to the experts, it must get empty on the regular basis. The reason behind it is that it will ruin the entire quality of vacuum bags. Want to know why? Because vacuum canister plays an important role in the cleaning function. Emptying your canister will also enhance the working performance of the vacuum.

3. Vacuum Filters

If you have a carpet or rugs in your home, the following process is for you. Instead of carpets and rugs, you just have to use vacuum filters for yearly purposes. Yet, people having carpets need to clean the vacuum filters on monthly basis. While cleaning your vacuum filters, you will be removing the signs of bacteria and germs. Once, they attack your vacuum, you will probably lose your vacuum filter’s strength and durability. Therefore, cleaning vacuum filters mostly on monthly basis will bring ease to your lifestyle. If the filters are washable, you can rinse them with water.


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