Creative Breakfast Bar Ideas With 2 Chair For Small Kitchen


Are you unable to utilize your kitchen efficiently because of its small size? Do you wish to maximize the available space in the kitchen? If this is the case, then you should consider introducing breakfast bar bars in your kitchen.

In the modern home, the breakfast bar is a laid-back, informal space with a whole host of uses.First designed for eating breakfast around, today they have evolved into places for working, entertaining and simply relaxing, replacing the traditional dining table in some homes. As well as making the kitchen into a more sociable space, it can help to solve one of the most common problems in the home: space. Cleverly designed units often incorporate handy hidden storage, as well as adding extra workspace to your kitchen.

What is Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar is an area within the kitchen where you can sit to eat meals, pay your bills, or where the kids can do their homework. It generally consists of a bench that overhangs from a piece of cabinetry enough to comfortable fit stools underneath. Basically, you could call it a table and a countertop all in one

Beside of that Breakfast bars may be the same height as the island counter, or raised up several inches to block the view of kitchen clutter, like unsightly dishes in the sink, appliances and more. Just make sure the breakfast bar—and any breakfast bar seating—doesn’t affect traffic patterns or disrupt the flow of the work triangle.

Breakfast Bar Ideas with 2 Chairs

In this article we will give you some idea of ​​a breakfast bar with 2 chairs or stools. Why did we take off with only 2 chairs or stool ? It is used to provide a wider place for those who have a small kitchen, and gives a minimalist impression.

Frankly speaking, breakfast bars are a boon to small kitchens. Besides provides a convenient preparation space for cooking meals and serving as an extended kitchen countertop, breakfast bars also provide a space for enjoying informal breakfast dining.

In addition, many breakfast bars also come with cabinet storage space, which allows you to store bulky pans, pots and miscellaneous items beneath the counter and free up the cabinet space.

Here are some breakfast bar ideas that you can apply to your small kitchen. Maybe you can change everything or add make over on your small kitchen

Trough Wall Breakfast Bar

A Kitchen bar table can also be built in the space between the kitchen and living room.  A wall of the kitchen may be torn down and replaced with a breakfast bar table. Besides offering a proper seating space in both the rooms, this ideal shall open up the space and create the illusion of free space. Consider placing tools and chairs that blend with the kitchen as well as the living room.

Breakfast bar with 2 stools for small kitchen

Breakfast bar with 2 stools for small kitchen

Breakfast bar with 2 stools for small kitchen

Side Space or U Turn Breakfast Bar

You can take a U-turn ideas for your small kitchen and make your breakfast bar on the outside or inside side of your small kitchen area . This is  open-plan space have cleverly tucked their kitchen into the area next to the stairs. And the U-shaped design has created an instant breakfast bar.

Opting for especially white adding with blue or pale gray features, including the countertops and stools, helps this substantially sized seating area blend in.

Related image

Breakfast bar with 2 stools for small kitchenSmall Island Kitchen Bar

Consider creating an island kitchen countertop in the middle of the small kitchen. The island top can be easily used as a preparation station for cooking meals. Moreover, it also doubles up to serve as a table top for enjoying informal breakfasts.

When selecting the size and design of the countertop, prefer buying or building one that features enough free space underneath the counter so that the maximum utilization of the space is ensured.

Place stools and chairs matching the counter top style in order to enjoy the space for dining. Make it a point to store the chairs in the store room when not in use in order to free up floor space.

Breakfast bar with 2 stools for small kitchen

Breakfast bar with 2 stools for small kitchen

Breakfast bar with 2 stools for small kitchen


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