7 Fashion Principles You Can Bring in Home Decoration


Interior design and home decor are like women in which some are modern and simple, some stylish and flamboyant, some bohemian and extraordinary.

It is known that there is an intimate relationship between fashion and decoration. If you pay attention, you can see that there are many similarities between your home and your dressing style.

However your personal style reflects your home, and your home mirrors you. The fashion and decoration fields, which have many common jargon, also show kinshipes in terms of design principles.

In fact, every woman who knows how to dress beautifully has a hidden talent in decoration. In this article, we talked about some tips with Algedra interior designers that will guide you in decorating your home and will help you reflect your fashion skills to your home

Here are some fashion and decoration suggestions you should know when decorating your home:

1. Layer

Using fabrics of different patterns and colors in layers on top of each other is a fashion style that has been used frequently in recent years. Of course, the same method is used in decoration. If you have a colorful personality who likes different and crazy designs, you can apply this style in your home. This style, which gives the impression of being composed of pieces put together randomly, actually has some rules:

For the art of combining colors and patterns, the first thing you need to do is decide on your core color. After choosing it to paint your walls, you should choose two geometric and small patterned prints (pinstripe, solid motif), one traditional and large patterned print (herringbone, paisley, animal motifs) and finally a dark print. With this method, you can create an interesting decoration that allows the eye to move in the room, while providing visual integrity in the space.

2. Mix Textures

You can create stylish spaces by using different textures together in your space, just like the comfortable and elegant look given by a silk fabric worn under a rough sweater. For example, you can use fabrics of different thickness and texture, such as a knitted blanket on a cool leather sofa and stylish shiny velvet pillows. You can even take this style beyond fabrics and apply it anywhere in your home. For example, you can cover your walls with wallpaper in different textures or decorate your home with accessories in different materials such as a marble lamp and a wicker basket. You can even add extra style to your home by using contrasting textures in carpets and rugs.

3. Use Daily Objects in Official Places (or Vice versa)

So, use unexpected items in decoration. If you’re someone who likes to pair floral print boots with a formal leather jacket in your dressing style, you can imagine what effect this could have for home decor. Consider modern plastic glass chairs combined with sumptuous wallpaper in a formal dining room, or a pale oriental rug on the kitchen floor. Go even further and hang a crystal chandelier in your farmhouse-style bathroom. With these unexpected objects, it is easy to create surprising, artistic and interesting spaces.

4. Don’t exaggerate it

We came to the most important principle in decoration suggestions! An old rule about makeup that everyone knows; “If you have an assertive eye make-up, use a light lipstick, if you have an assertive lipstick, choose a plain eye make-up,” they say. Likewise when decorating, don’t try to fill the room with bold pieces, choose a single star object. In other words, decide what you want to highlight in your design.

5. Functionality and Comfort First!

We all want to buy the pieces that we love as soon as we see them, without question, but we need to stop and think before buying so that we do not regret it later. Like a pair of uncomfortable high heels that you buy just because they’re so beautiful and ruin your whole night, or your clothes waiting with tags in your wardrobe that you can’t wear because they don’t fit with any of your clothes. Especially for home decoration, the same rule applies: When choosing your furniture, you should never ignore functionality and comfort! Having the most beautiful seat in the world will not matter much if you cannot sit comfortably.

6. Invest in Quality Pieces

There are places to spend money, places to save, both in choosing clothes and decorating the home. As much as it is unreasonable to spend a fortune just as “special design” on something that will quickly become obsolete and of low material quality; It would also make sense to invest in parts that you will use for years, that will increase your quality of life and make a difference. Either way, you will contribute to your budget.

7. Add a Dazzling Touch

Every woman knows that complementing a casual outfit with a red lipstick is a real finishing touch. This also applies to home decoration. You can add a shining finishing touch to your living room with an ambitious metal decor on the coffee table. Or you can add a fascinating focal point to your space with an art deco-inspired mirrored console, a stylish chandelier or a stylish wallpaper.


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