Hardwood Floor Designs That are Currently Trending


The popularity of hardwood flooring is increasing day by day. Some prefer the traditional look of wood flooring over natural stones, tiles, and carpet while some look for ultra-modern designs with hardwood. Hardwood has many benefits over other flooring materials. It’s long-lasting, stylish, and easy to maintain. Plenty of examples could be found when hardwood flooring serving a family for more than three generations. In commercial buildings as well, hardwood is one of the most demanding flooring options for enhanced professional look and sustainability. Today, exclusive few hardwood floor ideas are trending in the market. With so many choices in texture, color, and style, and installation process, you can use any of these trending ideas in your home.

Distressed wood flooring

Distressed wood flooring is a gaining demand once again. It was popular for the antique look in the 70s to 90s. Later, with the introduction of other flooring materials, it had lost its popularity. Over the last five years, thanks to the new designing ideas and technically advanced tools, distressed flooring has come into the news once again. Distressed wood provides a warmer look, antique texture, and a sense of craftsmanship. This flooring is appropriate for both domestic as well as commercial settings.

Pine wood flooring

Pine is the softer version of hardwood flooring. Pine is a classic, ageless, and one wood flooring idea.  In fact, the pine flooring idea is as old as colonial America. Today, it has come back in new formats in different colors and textures. The use of white pine is quite pervasive in the US. Many modern homeowners and commercial premises using white pine for a stylish look. It’s proven that properly maintained pine wood flooring lasts for several generations.

Red oak wood flooring

Red oak flooring is popular for its warm tone. It creates a feeling of comfort and completeness even if the room is not much decorated. Redwood flooring is available in different colors and textures. However, as the name suggests, red oak has a more pink tone than white oak. Its durability is unquestionably among the best available in the market. The grains of red oak are a bit open and coarser than the other wood flooring materials frequently used. This makes it a better option to hide scratches that any hardwood flooring gets overtime.

Maple wood flooring

Once again, maple wood flooring ideas have gotten a new dimension these days. Maple has a natural inimitable style, richer hues, and a great look that add to the beauty as well as the resilience of the house as a whole. Maple plank is sleek but sturdy. Its smooth and fashionable look with tiny grains is the prime reason behind the increasing popularity of maple wood flooring.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring

Currently, it’s the most trending flooring idea in the country. Its classic warmth look, hundreds of options, and durability are too good and suitable for all kinds of homes. Since time tested, reclaimed wood is more dependable than other categories of hardwood. Another advantage of reclaimed wood is that you can use it in bathrooms and kitchens as well with proper sealing and installation process.

Hardwood is not boring or traditional always. Modern flooring designers and architects are coming with hardwood floor ideas that have completely transformed the traditional concepts giving hardwood flooring a new life in the modern age.


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