Get a Glamour Impression with Hollywood Glam Interior Design

Hollywood Glam Interior Design -Having a home interior with a luxurious and glamorous design is the dream of many homeowners. By creating an interior with this atmosphere, you can provide comfort and beauty in your home. There are many ways to create a luxurious and glamorous home interior in your home. You can determine the interior design you want, use appropriate furniture, and adjust the interior design to the size of your home. Thus, you can create a glamorous and beautiful atmosphere for the comfortable interior of your home.

Hollywood Glam Interior Design

Hollywood Glam interior design is a popular design that emerged in 1930 in the era of the Golden Age of Hollywood. This design has a glamour characteristic such as using golden color, metallic finishing, furs, velvet, etc as the representation of this style. Hollywood Glam interior design is also known as Hollywood Regency design. It is an interesting design that uses a luxurious theme to create a perfect interior. This design is compatible to be attached to a large room. Some element in this design is similar to art deco interior, classic interior, and mid century interior design. The glam design has an elegant style. It has plenty of sparkling furniture to strengthen the glamorous impression. 

The Characteristic of Hollywood Glam Interior Design

In this article, we will discuss some tips to make the interior of your home glamorous and luxurious by using glam Hollywood designs. By using this interior design, you can create a comfortable interior accented by a glamorous atmosphere.

Hollywood Glam Interior Design

The word “glam” in Hollywood Glam is commonly assumed to luxurious furniture. The luxurious furniture is not always defined as the characteristic of Hollywood Glam design. Before designing a Hollywood Glam interior, you need to take a look at the characteristics. Understanding about the Hollywood Glam, here we have provided some characteristics for you.

  • Has Clean Line Furniture

Has Clean Line Furniture

Has Clean Line Furniture

Hollywood Glam is identical to the clean line. The clean line furniture means that it has a smooth line, has a strict line between two or more color, and strengthen the other element distinctly. However, this characteristic of Hollywood Glam design can you use as the element to emerge the Hollywood Glam design. You can add the furniture with a contrast color.

  • Monochromatic Color Scheme

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Monochromatic color is one of the favorite colors to be used in Hollywood Glam. It consists of black and white colors. This color has a distinct color to create a clean line between two pieces of furniture. If you attach this color in a good proportion, you will get a nice Hollywood Glam accent in your design. The monochromatic color scheme will treat your design in a different view.

  • Has Classic Colors

Has Classic Colors

Hollywood Glam is a classic design that has an identical color to define this design. You can choose a color for the interior of your home according to your character. Most importantly, choose classic colors to create an elegant atmosphere with hollywood designs One of the classic color in Hollywood Glam are soft white, black and white, gray, white and gray, green and blue, white and yellow, yellow and gray, navy and white, etc. If you pair that classic color that has some combination, you will feel the atmosphere of classic style. For example, yellow-and-gray is catchy to be attached. You can paint the wall a gray color and put some yellow furniture near the wall. For the color tone, you can make it bold or lighter.

  • Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns Geometric Patterns

Geometric pattern conducts with the shape that we usually meet on the math. The shape of the triangle, circle, square, hexagon, etc. Some geometric patterns bring a certain impact on the design interior. In Hollywood Glam, the shape of the geometric line gives it a strict atmosphere. To get an aesthetic geometric pattern you can apply it on the floor to arouse the unique view in the interior of your room.

  • Oversized Ornaments

Oversized Ornaments

At a certain proportion, an oversized ornament gives a glamour look in home interior design. This ornament has an impact to create an elegant perspective. It has a function to make your room seems glamourous. An oversized ornament can be the focal point in the room. You can choose an oversized ornament that has an interesting and aesthetic value to make it the focal point. For example, applying a wall mirror with an interesting frame, a big chandelier, or an absurd painting as an oversized ornament.

  • Use a Glam Look

Use a Glam Look Use a Glam Look

Some people usually give a score on home design by giving attention to the material of the furniture in the room. Especially for home interior design, there are many materials that we can use to create an impression such as using golden color accent furniture, metallic finishing, and furs to emerge the glamour and luxurious look. Golden and silver color has an elegant impression for Hollywood Glam interior design.

  • Use Bold Colors

Use Bold Colors Use Bold Colors

Besides using an oversized ornament, Hollywood Glam interior design also uses bold colors to strengthen the elegant look. Bold color has a strong and lasting impression to be attached to the room. Some bold colors that you can use in your room are red, green, yellow, blue. For example, the red color creates a brave and strong impression if you attach grey color as the color combination in the room.

  • Use Transparent Door

Use Transparent Door

The transparent door allows you to see the thing behind it. In Hollywood Glam, this material has a function to show off the glamour interior design from the outside. Moreover, the transparent door gives natural light and makes the room interior brighter. You can create a transparent door using glass. For the door frame, you can use iron or aluminum. Thus, you can create a luxurious and aesthetic impression for the interior of your home.


This is our discussion about Get a Glamor Impression with Hollywood Glam Interior Design. By creating a luxurious and glamorous atmosphere in the interior of your home, you can provide comfort in the interior of your home. Also, the glamorous atmosphere will give you a more pleasant feeling to be in your home. For that, you can create a home interior with a Hollywood glam interior design with a variety of decorations and furniture that you have. Hopefully, this article is useful to you.



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