5 Amazing New Mattresses For 2021


Tired of bad sleep, and waking up with groggy eyes and aches and pains? Then, it’s probably time for you to change your mattress.

We all know that a good mattress can make you sleep much better. But did you know that a flat and uncomfortable mattress can do just the opposite, and make having a good night’s sleep an impossible task? If your mattress no longer supports your body well, your body will not feel comfortable enough to fall asleep properly.

But, in this day and age, buying a mattress isn’t an easy task. There are innumerable options out there, and each of them has a variety of distinct features. So which one should you choose?

Well, read on as we list out some of the latest mattresses that we’re in love with, which are not only critically praised but loved by consumers as well.

1. Cassatt Luxury Firm

If you’re a firm mattress lover and you need a stable yet supportive and luxurious mattress for yourself, the Cassatt Luxury Firm is the perfect model for you. It comes in a wide combination of firmnesses so that you can get that perfect feel, which is why we call it the “Goldilocks” feature. If you’re someone who sleeps on their front or their back, this mattress will support you from every direction with its innerspring support system. It also has a ventilation system that keeps you cool throughout the night and comes with unique moisture-wicking technology as well, which means no more waking up covered in sweat. However, the only drawback here is the hefty price tag.

2. Layla Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses were once the latest invention on the block, but now, they’ve ascended to classic status. However, that doesn’t mean that it has lost its charm and it certainly doesn’t mean that companies have stopped innovating memory foam. The Layla, by Layla Sleep, is an all-foam mattress that gives you the perfect balance between firmness and softness. Armed with dual support, you can change the firmness level by flipping the mattress over. Its excellent design engulfs the body and provides ample support, making it excellent for all kinds of sleepers. This mattress is a great value for money and the company provides a really easy and fast set-up too.

3. Nolah Mattress

Bringing you another memory foam mattress, we have the Nolah Original. An all-foam mattress, the Nolah reduces peak pressure on hips, shoulders, and back by 4 times and makes sleeping much less strenuous on your body. The foam is temperature neutral and made with viscoelastic chemicals that trap heat and ensure that you have a cool and comfortable sleep, even during the hottest months. The foam is high-resilience and provides for ample bounce as well as durability, both of which make sure that you stay sound asleep, night after night. For a deeper insight into this mattress, check out – https://thesleepshopinc.com/nolah-mattress-review/

4. DreamCloud

Just as their name suggests, DreamCloud makes mattresses that make you feel as if you’re sleeping on a cloud, high up in the sky. This excellently made hybrid mattress manages to marry the different properties of different materials perfectly to create a comfortable and high-quality mattress that has just the right amount of bounce and temperature control. With poly foam and gel foam layers that tie into each other, the DreamCloud gives the body excellent peak point support and adjusts body weight evenly while keeping you cool and fresh through the night, with its cooling and ventilation systems. A low profile layer of highly dense polyfoam also limits the transfer of noise and allows for a quiet sleep.

5. Bear Mattress

Redefining the meaning of “athletic mattresses, Bear Mattress is launching a new high standard. For athletes and people who are into physically exerting activities, as well as people facing bodily pain, the Bear Mattress is a great option to go for. Consisting of an all-foam design that is paired with graphite gel, the Bear gives you amazing support without inflicting or worsening pains. The mattress fits all your contours and provides great pressure relief. The Celliant material present in the cover of the mattress promotes recovery of muscle and tissues, by reflecting heat from the body back as infrared energy.


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