How To Choose The Best Enhancement For House Exteriors

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Home exteriors hint at what’s inside, and depending on what yours looks like right now, it could send a welcoming invitation for guests, neighbors, or passersby. Or, it could scream at anyone to stay away. If yours is the latter, then it’s about time you give it a makeover.

Renovation ideas and options range from quick weekend projects to large-scale renovations.  Besides replacing windows or updating the sidings and roofing, you can also pay attention to your driveway and landscaping. Undertaking one or all of these will surely improve how your home looks on the outside. Other than being a welcome sight whenever you come home, a well-maintained façade enhances your home’s curb appeal and overall value now and in the future.

Choosing The Best Home Exterior Enhancements

Before you undertake a weekend DIY project or call in the pros, like Nova Exteriors, it’s best to consider the following to ensure you install the best exterior enhancements.

1. Match Enhancements With Your House’s Exterior Style

There are several house exterior styles, and it’s crucial that you know which one resembles yours. Some popular styles include craftsman, Cape Cod, colonial, contemporary modern, cottage, farmhouse, ranch, Tudor, and Victorian. You may have come across one of these terms while you were building or searching for a new house. But if it eludes you, search online for information and even find photos of related homes.

Your home’s exterior style is vital because they provide structure and character. They also guide the enhancements you’ll take since these should enhance its given design and even preserve its history.

Applicable enhancements for specific exteriors include adding dormer windows for a cottage and Cape Cod styles or expanding porch space for craftsman and cottage models.

2. Assess The Scale Of Your Project

Knowing what you plan to add, repair, or remodel allows you to estimate how much you’ll spend on exterior enhancements. It determines if your budget is enough for cosmetic repairs like a combination of paints for your walls or trimming around the eaves of the roof and picket fences.

The project also helps you estimate how long you can finish it. For example, simple upgrades, such as installing a new door, pathway lights, or a new mailbox, can fit nicely into a day, while some, such as landscaping, can take several days. A timeline ensures you’re on track, and a budget helps you make cost-effective decisions on the materials you’ll use.

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3. Consider Purpose

External upgrades also require a purpose. If not, you might be throwing dollars and wasting effort. For example, think about why you want to change your home’s façade or why you want to redo the landscaping. Other than improving aesthetics, you should also consider functional upgrades, such as adding a porch, extending the pathway, or adding lighting fixtures to illuminate the house and keep it safe at night.

If you’d like, you can combine form with function so you can make the most of your upgrades. For example, you can add your personal touch to give your exteriors a distinct character that’ll stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Simple touches, such as window boxes, a sitting bench, or an arbor can make it homier, while art and furniture on your porch can make it more pleasant.

4. Explore Eco-Friendly Materials

The best exterior enhancements not only work well for you and your home, but also favors the environment. In addition to saving you money and promoting sustainable living amongst family members, eco-friendly materials ensure that you can live in your home with little effect on the planet and its resources.

Solar panel roofs, cool roofs, insulated windows, and eco-friendly paints are some of the choices you can consider when you’re planning to spruce your home’s exteriors. They improve the house’s aesthetics and make it energy-efficient and beneficial in the years to come.

5. Consider Low-Cost or Maintenance Free Options

Exterior renovations should also be practical. After all, the modifications aren’t mere fixes but long-term solutions that’ll make your home beautiful and functional. Choose materials that are weather-proof or low maintenance so costs don’t pile up. Remember that you’re doing this to make your home more efficient and appealing, so it’s best to select items that have a good ROI.

6. Use Home Renovation Apps

Use technology to make your exterior renovations easier. Aside from realistic photos and updated concepts on the internet, you should also download home improvement apps to help you plan and design your façade and landscape. You can experiment with paint color schemes, seek advice from experts, and even shop for products to use on your exteriors.

In addition, home improvement apps can guide your DIY projects or help you communicate what you want with contractors.


As a homeowner, you naturally want the best enhancements to make your home’s exterior stand out. Knowing your exterior’s style allows you to make improvements while keeping it in tune with aesthetics. You can even make functional upgrades with eco-friendly materials.

Home improvement apps are also helpful in sourcing ideas, materials, and professionals so you can achieve the ultimate curb appeal for your home.


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