The Steps You Need To Do Before Decorating Your Room Interior

1975 – Interior design is an important aspect that needs your attention. It determines how the room looks like and what impression within it. Interior design is the part of the arts that focus on decorating the room to make it look more stunning to achieve a good impression in the room. A good interior design will give a great experience. By attaching interior design, a room has one more function as an aesthetic value rather than just a room in the house. If you’re getting curious about interior design, let’s see how many steps you need to do before decorating your room. Pay attention to each step so you may do well at home.

Take a Look at The Room Size

Take a Look at The Room Size

Before you do any other step, take a look at your room that you want to decorate. Does it have a narrow or large space? Does the room size suit any design do you want to apply? For example, if you have a narrow living room but you want to get a stunning living room, you can apply minimalist design in that room. By knowing the room size will make you easy to analyze the needs of your room interior.

Make a Good Lighting

Make a Good Lighting

The second step is analyzing the need for light in your room. If your room has a big window, you can open the curtain to let the natural sunlight get into the room. The need for light is important to make a certain perspective in a room because the light can reflect on the surface of the furniture. The light will help you to see the interior design.

Choose The Room Interior Design

Most people choose a certain interior design to apply in their room interior. Each design has its characteristics even though they have some similarities. Here are some examples of interior designs that you can apply to the interior of your home.

  • French Country

French Country

French Country is an interior design that modifies the interior of country houses in French. It has a traditional hint on its appearance by using unique material and combining it with the other furniture.

  • Minimalist


Minimalist interior design is a design that suits a narrow room. This design creates simplicity and clarity for the room interior. It provides you a neat style with minimalist furniture. The stuff you put in the room has an important role to create a narrower or larger impression. Monochrome color is catchy to be applied in minimalist design.

  • Eclectic


The eclectic interior design emerged in the early 20th Century in Europe. This design combines more than one style from a different era. Use a calm color as the basic color to create a harmonious impression between the color and the furniture you want to put in the room. The cohesiveness of the furniture from different eras can be arranged by having the same proportion of furniture in the room. The furniture from an era shouldn’t dominate the design, they should play the same role to unite and create a unique combination.

  • Industrial


Industrial interior design has been used as a design to create a manly and masculine impression. This design usually is adopted from the depiction of a garage with its black and raw material. The industrial design also emerges the unfinished material or exposes raw material for decorative purposes. It seems that industrial suits the room interior for the masculine taste. You can choose this design and modify the raw material into unique and functional furniture such as making some pipes into a bookshelf.

  • Rustic


This is one of the favorite designs that people use as room interior design. Rustic interior design has a warm accent and has a traditional taste. The wood is the basic material to emerge the rustic style. If you want to take this design as your interior design, you can choose solid wood if you want to make it original. Also, you can choose synthetic wood to give a rustic touch to the room interior. As long as you can maintain the wooden color and pattern, you can apply rustic design, no matter what kind of material you use.

  • Bohemian


It is an attractive interior design. Bohemian interior style has an aesthetic value to be used as interior design. Sometimes, this design has a crowded impression but makes it look absurd and full of arts. You can mix and match your tropical ornamental plants to complete this design. The other stuff you can put in this interior design is wicker baskets, dry roots, hanging displays, and many more.

Decide The Color of Your Room Interior

Every color has meaning and function. That’s why choosing the right color for a room interior is an important thing to do. You should decide what is the impression do you want to emerge in your room. Choose a color that suits your character so that you can express yourself more in your interior decoration. Before deciding the color, you should look for the recommendation and inspiration to choose the right choice. Here, we have some recommendations for room colors.

  • White


The white color is clean and calm. It will make the room seems larger than the real size. The purity and simplicity is the impression that is made by using this color. Besides, you can match this color with other colors in no exception. White color is a neutral color, but you have to be ready with the risk because you can easily see the dirty mark on it.

  • Green


Green is the color of nature. It has fresh look and symbolizes fertility. Green has various tone colors that you can choose based on your need. The dark green has a bold and strong impression, while the light green has a fresh accent if you make it your room color.

  • Red


Red is a bold color. It can remote the feeling of love, romance, sensitivity, and passion. Applying this color into your room will bring good energy and make the atmosphere warmer. Moreover, this color has various shades that can be combined with other colors.

  • Blue


As the color of the sea, blue is a calm and fresh color. This color is associated with wisdom, trust, faith, and peace. It is beneficial to refresh the mood and relax the mind. The peaceful color of blue can heal stress and give positive vibes.

  • Gray


The mixing colors between white and black will create a gray color. Gray is commonly used for a home interior color to show simplicity. Using gray tones will also provide an elegant and calming atmosphere. Therefore, this color is very suitable for you to use in a variety of interior rooms in your home.

  • Yellow


The cheerful and bright color of yellow brings happiness into the room. If you apply this color, it will give you joy and an energic impression. Yellow can be combined with dark green to create a vintage design. Some yellow tones are catchy to apply for home interior. There are dark yellow, light yellow, and bright yellow.

  • Pink


Pink is the color of beauty, love, femininity, and calm. The beautiful color of pink is catchy to create a good atmosphere. It can be a sweet color as the basic color in a room. This color is recommended for you if you want to strengthen the feminine accent.

Matching The Furniture of Your Room Interior

Matching The Furniture of Your Room Interior

Furniture is an important thing in a house. Without furniture, it has to do your daily activities at a home. Every furniture has each function and interesting style to complete the room interior. The common furniture for the home interior is a couch, table, bed, storage/cupboard, mirror, bookshelves, and kitchen set. You can choose the furniture based on the texture, such as glossy and rough surfaces. Some furniture also has different materials, for example, velvet that has an elegant appearance.

Add Some Decoration

  • Photos


Photo is a picture that gives us a thousand memories. It is a good idea to make it as an ornament in a room. You can make it as a wall gallery. Keep it as a focal point in your room by displaying aesthetic photos with a certain theme.

  • Ornamental Plant

Ornamental Plant

Ornamental plants are one of the most popular natural decorations for you to use. There are many ornamental plants that you can choose for interior decoration in your home. You can choose the type of indoor ornamental plants according to your preferences. Besides giving beauty to the interior, ornamental plants also provide a fresh atmosphere inside. You can even find ornamental plants that absorb air pollution to create a healthy environment in your interior.

  • Painting


Another thing to decorate your room is a painting. A painting has an artistic value. There are many painting arts in the world from the best painters based on their styles. Realism art, surrealism art, abstract art is an example of an attractive painting style that will make your room more artistic.

  • Antique Accessories

Antique Accessories

If you like to collect antique accessories, you can make it as an ornament for home interior. The antique ornament will give a vintage effect. This antique ornament may be a popular thing in the past and some are usually found in an exhibition. You can use your antique accessories as a display.


That’s all some steps to do before decorating a room interior. You can start it from which step do you like, but it is better to list the steps from the basic step as we have provided for you. Analyzing the room size, deciding which design do you want to apply, choosing room color, matching the room furniture, and add ornament to make it more interesting. We hope you can apply these steps to manage your room interior better. Hopefully, this article is useful to you. Happy decorating.


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