Unique Bathroom Ideas With Modern Rustic And Classic Stone Style


Everyone know that the bathroom is one of the most important places in a home. For most people, it’s the first room they visit in the morning and the last one they head to at night. It’s a space functionality and relaxation, where you can enjoy the comfort of a hot shower or a warm bath and feel rejuvenated and refreshed .

Nowadays Bathroom trends in the new trend of sensation which stone wood warmth and other natural materials can, like marble and white natural stone.

Stone For Bathroom

Stone is a great material for to design your bathroom with, it is long-lasting and easy to find. There are a variety of finishes that can be applied to dimension stone to achieve diverse architectural and aesthetic effects. For the finishing is not just limited to polished and honed finishes, but also more textured finishes as bush-hammered, sandblasted, and thermal. There are many ideas on how to apply stone into your bathroom design scheme, such as a floor to ceiling accent wall, stone flooring, stone counter tops, stone showers, a stone wall above a built-in bathtub, the options are limitless.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles are beautiful and versatile depending on the type of stone you decide to use in your space. You can use slate or tumbled travertine to create a warm rustic feel or polished marble to create a sleek and luxurious setting.

As a natural product, stone is less uniform in color and pattern, when compared to ceramic and porcelain, and requires more care and planning for use and installation. Each piece of stone is unique and that makes every flooring application one of a kind and different.

Why Using Natural Stone

Natural stone  reflect the natural beauty of the earth, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular in many homes. There are traces of history in every stone that projects the warmness, unlike ceramic tiles which feels cold.

Here are some ideas that can inspire you to use natural stone material or rough stone into your bathroom:

Rough Stone For Rustic Bathroom Style

Rough stone creates a rustic atmosphere with a natural twist and sleek stone adds luxury and elegance. Stone bathtubs look amazing and warm, and so do the washbasins.In addition, lighting with dim light from the classic lamps and candles, make you feel like there is in the old time bathroom or stone age with a natural atmosphere and warm.

Would love this but we don't have the space in this house.

Mary and James recoated a plain white tub with a truck-bed liner so it would look more like stone and have a safe, non-slip surface. Water trickles over a flat stone into the romantic tub-for-two.

Classic Style Bathroom With Stone Wall

Stone wall bathrooms add texture, color and pattern with a modern classic appeal that is very natural and eco-friendly yet luxurious at the same time.

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Rough Stone Bathroom With Fireplace

A cooler material for bathroom than rough stone its eco friendly and looks modern luxurious at the same this, a beautiful stone is special gift from mother earth and makes the bathroom feel elegant natural spectacular design new.  In addition to functioning as a warmer, especially in winter, the Fireplace will create a warm atmosphere in your bathroom.

Indoor fireplace and hot tub.

Stone Wall Bathroom-42-1 Kindesign

Stone Wall Bathroom-11-1 Kindesign

Elegant Modern Natural Stone

With proper natural stone management placement and proper color selection, your natural Stone bathrooms will give you the impression of natural , modern, elegant and romantic at the same time. For more feeling classic and romantic you can add candles into your room. And With small adjustment the light into dim light, you can feel the bath activities fell into relaxed and natural warmness.

Stone Wall Bathroom-51-1 Kindesign

So relaxing

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Stone Wall Bathroom-56-1 Kindesign





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