Minimalist Decoration Ideas For Your Bathroom Interior

1938 – A bathroom is a place where you clean the body from the sweat after doing activities. It is a place that makes you feel fresh. A bathroom has a colder temperature than the other rooms at home, so it inspires you to find a peaceful mind to think. The water that pours the body can bring the stress out from the body and mind. To provide comfort and peace when you use your bathroom, the right interior design is very important. If you have a small bathroom, then you can use an interior style with a minimalist design. With a minimalist style, you can make your bathroom more beautiful and you will get many benefits. Let us discuss this.

What is Minimalist Style?

Currently, interior styles have many designs and varieties. Each interior style has its character and beauty. There are many interior styles that you can find such as contemporary styles, classic styles, Scandinavian styles, industrial styles, minimalist styles, and many more. You may be using one of the interior styles that we have already mentioned. One popular style is the minimalist interior style.

Minimalist interior style is widely used in small and narrow home interiors. This is because the minimalist style prioritizes the concept of simplicity, functionality, and neatness in the interior of your room. This style gives a comfortable and pleasant impression even though the room you have is small. The characteristic feature of a minimalist style is the use of simple and modern looking furniture and decorations. This interior style also avoids unnecessary decorations and furniture to save space and make the interior tidier.

Advantages of Using a Minimalist Style

A minimalist interior style in the interior provides many benefits that you can get. That way, you can consider and compare it with other interior styles. For that, let’s discuss one by one the benefits you get by using this interior style.

Saving Your Budget

Using a minimalist interior style is the right choice if you want to save your budget in decorating your home. This is because this interior style only requires essential furniture and simple decorations. You don’t need to decorate the interior of your minimalist room with excessive decorations and furniture. That way you save your budget.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of a room with a minimalist interior style is also quite easy. The interior of a minimalist room does not have many motifs and does not have a lot of furniture. That way, cleaning the interior of a minimalist room is easier and faster than rooms that use other interior styles.

The Interior Feels Spacious

A house with a minimalist interior style will look wider. This is because the use of furniture is minimal and uses a simple design. That way, you can be more comfortable in a small room by decorating it in a minimalist style.

Looks Clean and Neat

Using a minimalist interior style will also make your interior look neater. This is due to the small use of furniture and the arrangement of the room according to the function of each piece of furniture. That way the interior of the room looks neat and makes your life easier because the furniture is neatly arranged.

Minimalist Decoration Ideas For Your Bathroom Interior

It is necessary to have a nice design to the bathroom. The inspiring bathroom maximizes your mind to be fresher. Moreover, it emerges a good impression such as make the bathroom feels cleaner, larger, and brighter. We have listed some ideas about the minimalist bathroom for you. Let’s see them.

Maximize The Lighting and Air Circulation

Maximize The Lighting with White Color

The most important thing about having a minimalist bathroom is a good air ventilation. The ventilation has a role as the media for air circulation. It can reduce the moldy air and supply more oxygen into the bathroom. Also, ventilation such as a window allows the light to enter the room. Take the advantage of it by using the white or gray color to reflects the light on each side of the room, so the room will have good lighting. The white color also emerges a larger impression of the room. While the gray color will give a beautiful elegant impression.

Using Floor with Pattern

Using Floor with Pattern

Using Floor with Pattern

Some people watch their steps when entering the bathroom, so they will see what is the floor looks like. The unique pattern gives the bathroom more aesthetic value. For example, the hexagonal pattern has a symmetric impression on the floor. It lessens the boredom in the bathroom when taking a bath.

Elegant Gray Bathroom

Elegant Gray Bathroom

One of the elegant colors is gray. This color has the power to make things more stunning. It has a tone of calm, peace, neutral. Applying gray color to the bathroom expands the elegant style, so it will look luxurious and classy.

Elegant Gray Bathroom

The varieties of gray color tone you can choose are the light gray, dark gray, soft gray. You can combine those colors, the light gray, and the dark gray to give a contrast. It is also catchy with the white color.

Make a Minimalist Industrial Design

Make a Minimalist Industrial Design

The industrial design has been the style that people like to apply in a particular spot at home. The bathroom can be the place that fits with industrial design. You can take some black pipes, irons, and any other furniture that supports this design. Apply the black color as the main tone. The marble stone also seems aesthetic to be applied as a sink. The natural pattern gives an artistic effect. As the complement, hang a mirror above the sink. For extra decoration, give a golden light that shines the black color to make the bathroom more elegant.

Give a Natural Accent with Wood

Give a Naturall Accent with Wood

One of the natural material that is often used in decoration are wooden furniture. Theirs natural pattern give a warm atmosphere in the bathroom. If you want to apply the wooden material into the bathroom, you can have it as a drawer, floor, and wall. Do not worry that you have no real wood to be applied, you can find an alternative by using synthetic woods.

Using a Shower than Bathtub

Using a Shower than Bathub

In the minimalist bathroom, you should maximize every space in the room to be a useful space. Minimum space in a minimalist bathroom should avoid the big furniture to put on it. One of them is a bathtub that consumes a lot of space. The bathtub makes the room seems smaller. It is more efficient if you choose a shower to be installed in a minimalist bathroom.

Moreover, by using a shower, you can divide the space into a bath space and closet. To make the separation more clear, you can use a partition. A glass partition gives a larger sight because it is transparent. By adding a partition, the water will not spurt to the closet and keep the wet area behind the partition.

Creatively Dealing with Small Storage

Creatively Dealing with Small Storage

Using a bathroom needs soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. This little stuff should be put in the bathroom so you can clean the body entirely. Having a minimalist bathroom lessens the space to create storage for those things. You have to think about the arrangement of the main aspects first; closet and shower.

Then, you will see how much space do you have to create storage. It can be created above the closet. Take advantage of the empty wall by installing a floating mini cupboard. If you have a shower near the wall, you can make a little shelf on the wall so it is easier to take the soap and shampoo.


That is our discussion about Minimalist Decoration Ideas For Your Bathroom Interior. The bathroom decoration in the house describes the character of the homeowner. That way, decorating the bathroom as beautiful as possible is the right choice. As long as you can decorate the bathroom into an interesting place, a peaceful mind will come to you when using your bathroom. We hope you can apply one of the ideas we have provided in the bathroom, so you will have a fresher body and mind. Hopefully, this article is useful to you.


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