Top 5 Master Bedroom Design Elements for Modern Homes


The master bedroom has no definite rule, but it is one of the most crucial aspects of the home. It can be the most extensive area, en-suite, or otherwise. Whatever your master bedroom means to you, you need specific elements to create a modern bedroom.

If you want to create a unique and calm environment in your bedroom, you need the most specific and attainable elements as much as possible. Although creativity is vital, not jeopardizing comfort and quality is also a primary consideration.

Are you willing to redefine and recreate your master bedroom to give a modern style? This guide offers 5 essential elements to help you create a modern master bedroom.

1. Wall Arts

Wall art is one of the most essential elements for modern home designs. It is the best way to integrate your personality into your home designs. Something decent for your eye lies in the power to create magic with either canvas, minimalist, or nature wall arts. Stick them around the wall, and use photos or favorite quotes as your frame substance. The aesthetic feelings of wall arts lie in your happiness.

Are you puzzled about the best wall art ideas for your space? You can find some of the best wall art ideas for your master bedroom at ElephantStock.

2. Window dressing

Many of us probably think the window is the last space that adds beauty to a room; meanwhile, it is a strategic area to place wall arts as the center of attraction. Place the curtains higher than the window to give a cozy and elegant look.

Leaving your curtain area plain is ideal, but having it dressed is more defined. The beauty from your window dressing often aid individuals to enjoy the natural view through the window.

3. Comfortable texture

From your beddings to chair and table cover, your master bedroom clothing should be sumptuous. Hence, every surface should feel good and smooth to touch. Also, luxurious linen is the best for being creative with patterns and color.

Contrary to popular opinion, modern does not always mean boring. You can spice things up with a zigzag pattern for all line designs. More importantly, choose high-quality and long-lasting materials.

4. Layers of light

Layered lightning majorly helps create a modern bedroom because it denotes class and elegance. You can place accent lighting in your shelving to avoid a dark sector in your bedroom. Also, a show-stopping chandelier is appropriate for controlling the intensity of your room light at particular periods.

5. A neutral base

Lastly, if you are unsure of what you want, a neutral base would allow future exploration. In this case, ensure to keep your designs simple and basic. Also, if you are subject to trends, go neutral since it would create future design flexibility. For instance, wall art like wallpaper can play the trick.

Use wallpapers you can easily replace and would not cause damage to the wall after scraping it off. You can also use a muted palette in the rug and bed to retain a simple modern home.


While decorating, you may want to consider many features, including the flooring, space, color, furniture, arrangements, and many others. However, all these may get overwhelming without setting a priority first. Hopefully, creating a modern master bedroom can become less arduous with the aforementioned essential elements.


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