What are Major Types of Shaggy Rugs?


Shaggy rugs are becoming trendy to use in your apartments. You can use shaggy rugs in any room, such as the dining room, bedroom, living room, TV room, and bathroom. In the beginning, shaggy woolen rugs were common, but with advancement, many new types of shaggy rugs introduce in the market to choose them for different purposes. We will explain to you the major types of shaggy rugs below content.

What are the major types of shaggy rugs?

Here are some major types of shaggy rugs that may assist you in understanding the suitable type of rug for your different requirements.

Leather rugs

Leather rugs are a popular, durable, soft type and give you options to embellish your furniture with an X-factor.  When you place shaggy leather rugs on the floor, they give your toes a better and even feel. Its presence in your room not just improves your décor but also adds comforts to your rooms.

Leather rugs are used in bedrooms and are costly. You can choose versatile designs and colors in the leather rugs to make your rooms attractive and elegant.

Acrylic rugs

Acrylic is a popular material that is famous due to its amazing features like greater resistance against stains, softness, premium feel, and luxury. They are also affordable and available at fewer prices than shaggy leather rugs.

Acrylic shaggy rugs are perfect to choose who are looking for the same performance as the wool rugs but available on a cost-effective and light budget. These yarns give perfect colors and offer greater variations to choose from of the rugs for your dining room, living room, and bedroom.

Woolen rugs

Wool is one of the perfect materials to choose from that comes with industry-standard material. Wool materials are durable, sturdy, sweet, give very awesome. It is one of the most using materials for rugs that come with great texture and warmth factor.

Wool material also provides natural insulation to your floor to give a soft touch. Woolen shaggy rugs are expensive, but their features are excellent than all other materials.

Flokati rugs

If you are looking for fluffy shaggy rugs varieties, you will not find a better option than Flokati. These woolen materials contain a hundred percent wool on the back that makes them soft and fluffy. Flokati rugs are available in light colors such as white or cream color.

But you can color them to make them perfect and matched with your apartment colors. Flokati is a light-budget option. You can place it in your dining room, bathroom, or TV room.

Synthetic rugs

Synthetic shaggy rugs are easy to clean and are one of the modern types of shag rugs. These are not much durable, but they come in different styles and colors that offer more facilities to give your room’s modern touch. It is a less expensive option to choose from with good features.


You can make your home more charming and comfortable by placing rugs in rooms. You have many options to choose from different types of shaggy rugs. Rugs are available in different types to meet your different needs and to meet different budget slabs.


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