Moving in with your significant other is a milestone in your life and a truly exciting time. However, different interior design preferences can lead to tensions and frustration. Your penchant for girlie décor may grate on your partner’s desire for a man cave. Here, we share some essential tips on how to strike just the right balance between pretty and practical, to create the home of both your dreams.


Before you move in together, spend some time with your loved one figuring out exactly what floats your individual boats, décor-wise. Either flip through design magazines and point out the styles that excite you the most, or create a joint Pinterest board that can hold the various styles and products that you would want in your home. Keep in mind that realistically speaking, your man isn’t going to go ga-ga over home décor conversations, so keep it straightforward and short, to maintain his attention and get the responses you need.

Make an Excursion

Once you have a decent idea of what your guy will respond to design-wise, coax him into a (brief) shopping trip to touch and feel the products that will ultimately end up in your house. Keeping your partner involved in the décor process will make him feel invested – whether he likes it or not!

Mix & Match

Just like your partner and you have complementary personalities, similarly, create a home décor which is a perfect blend of Yours and His. While you may prefer items that are delicate and feminine, an example of a place where you can compromise is the coffee table – choosing a sturdy piece will be beneficial, as it is a piece that should be durable, and should last you many years.

A clever way to get your partner excited about the apartment spruce up is by introducing items that you know he will find cool. A great example?A vintage-inspired record player. Everyone loves music and you’re surely no different. Invest in a record player that looks old-school but is still digital, and you have your compromise sorted right there – practical for you, without the hassle of having to start buying records, and retro-fab for him. Plus, you will get automatic bonus points from guests about your quirky sense of style.

Colour Me Rad

A crucial part of your joint home decorating efforts is choosing a colour palette for your home interior that you both agree on. While white walls are of course an obvious choice, if you’re both inclined to jazz up your walls a bit, try to stick to colours that will work for you both. No lavenders, pinks or baby blues – however pretty they may seem to you! Choose steel grey, pine green, or go completely bold with an accent wall in a jewel tone.

Furniture Focus

When picking furniture, we find that the safest and most practical choice is a sleek, modern style. Clean lines and a lack of fuss will be well-appreciated by your partner, while you will then have license to choose cushions in pretty fabrics to provide lively contrast.

All Lit Up

Another way in which you can secure your partner’s interest while still making the style statement you crave is through lighting. If he prefers to keep the overall décor simple, take over the ceiling and wall space with unique and unusual lighting options.

Be Art-ful

A great exercise where you can both pitch in is deciding what art to hang on the walls. This can be very tricky – sometimes, your styles will simply differ so much that there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. To combat this, you could try several things. If you have a shared interest, like travel for example, go through photos you took together on a trip, blow them up and frame them for the home. That way, every time you or your partner looks at the walls, you will be reminded of a wonderful memory you made together.

Another compromise could be choosing an art style that speaks to one of you, incorporating colours that are the other’s favourite. For example, a contemporary art work that you love, in cheery shades that make your partner smile, is a good way to bring mutually-agreed upon art into your home.

Tell us – do you have some great tips on how to incorporate married style into a pad previously reserved for singles? We would love your feedback and suggestions on more interior design ideas.


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