How To Keep Your Home In Order If You Have A Dog

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It’s nice to have a dog as a part of your family since having a pet can easily boost your mood. But putting aside all the cuteness and fluffiness, it comes with a lot of hard work. It’s like having a new baby where there’s cleaning and feeding, and perhaps even some things breaking at home. It’s not to scare you from having one since many fur parents have done it successfully.

Maintaining Your Home’s Neatness

Is it possible to master the art of having a dog while still keeping a clean house? Yes, it is! And it doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend the entire day at home just cleaning over and over again. If you’ve been struggling with creating the balance, this article can help you make the change.

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Having a pet doesn’t mean sacrificing the neatness of your house. Here’s how you can keep your home organized despite having a dog:

1. Install A Dog Fence

You wouldn’t want to put your dog in a cage. Dogs are meant to move around and to have their freedom. Instead of keeping them in one room, a better alternative is to install discreet dog fences.

A dog fence is a safety means where you put limits as to where your dog can be. It’s like a barrier to keep your dog in one area and not run off the neighborhood. This will help keep cleaning easier as you won’t have to struggle with a bigger space to cover.

A dog fence is better than a cage because dogs can still go to different parts of the area. There might be a boundary, but they can still move around, run, and have their freedom without necessarily being all over the place.

2. Give Their Bed A Daily Spray

While you can’t wash and clean your dog’s bed every single day, you can give it a good spritz every morning to get rid of any nasty and unpleasant odors lingering. If you visit a pet shop, you’ll find various pet sprays made of natural products.

When there isn’t any, you can use any bedroom linen spray to still serve the purpose of purifying. Building this habit would ensure there wouldn’t be a foul smell in your home.

3. Spray Your Dog’s Bowls With Cooking Spray

Dogs eat at least twice a day. And it’s inevitable for stains and food debris to get stuck in their bowl. Surely, you just can’t keep following after it and cleaning it every single meal. It may be too much to do on top of all your other responsibilities.

So to make it easier on your part, before every meal, spray it with some cooking spray. The grease of the fluid is little enough to be healthy for your dog to lick, but it creates a huge difference in making stains easier to wipe and clean before you give the bowl a deep wash.

4. Keep The Carpet Clean And Fur-Free

Going back on the tip above about having a dog fence, it’s precisely through it that you can avoid your dogs from running and laying on areas with carpet, typically in your living room.

But if they do get out of the fenced area or when you bring them with you for a good cuddle, ensure your carpet is clean and fur-free before going to bed. This isn’t as difficult now with vacuum cleaners doing the trick for you.

If you don’t have one, a hairbrush solely dedicated to this purpose will suffice. Brush it through the carpet to remove any fur possibly lingering.

5. Spray Some Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is found to be effective at cleaning the toughest of stains. You can simply spray some on the area, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe it off with warm water. If you don’t have shaving cream with you at home, you may want to purchase a foam variety and keep it as a part of your cleaning supply kit.


When you bring home a dog as a companion, it’d always feel like the pet is a part of your family. This means you aren’t just keeping them for the sake of having one without taking good care of your pup.

Like babies, however, having one means a whole lot of maintenance and upkeep. Even if you have a dog at home, this doesn’t necessarily mean your house has to look messy, dirty, smelly. The tips above can ease out the stress of keeping your home in order even with pets around.




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