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Everyone in this world must have a hobby and a pleasure in his life. Therefore, in designing a house would have different preferences between one with another. Especially about the decoration or design of a room in the house. In this article we will discuss about the decoration of a room for a football fan.

Being a football fan, Football is more than just a sport but a part of life, so there is a desire to be able to feel there always on the ball field or feel close to things related to football. Moreover in support of his favorite football team not only watch every game and follow every news. But also applied in everyday life by using all the accessories either to be used or applied in the decor of the room or any media related to his favorite football team.

Because it has become a way of life,so it’s no wonder there are so many ideas for how to decorate the room of a football fan. There are a few things to take into consideration before starting to decorating.

You can focus on a specific team and Decide what the colors should be. Each team has its own colors so if it’s something specific, pay attention to this detail or we  can use general approach as football sport fan. So what are your options in terms of furniture and decorations?

An interesting idea is to paint the floor green and make it look like a football field. If you want to be very specific, then I guess you can find carpets that look just like grass. Then add a few other themed elements such as a beanbag chair shaped like a ball.

Or you can focus on the little things like the bedding,the window treatments, the wall art, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice an entire wall. Maybe you can use a corner or part of a wall to make a statement. throw pillows, etc.

Sure, you don’t have to be flashy if you don’t want to. A few subtle hints are enough. For example, paint the dresser using the colors of a football team and decorate the bed with a few football-shaped pillows.

Here are some unique ideas for room decoration for football fans around the world:

Study and Working Room

You can apply the ball atmosphere in your study or work room, by adding some football-related items such as football posters, ceiling with football ball form, football goalkeeper, and ball-shaped seat.


Wall decor with football field can be added to your study and work space.

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By simply adding a carpet like grass added with a ball you can create an atmosphere football in your room.

pokój chłopca 1

Especially for a study room or children’s playground in your house, you can add many things with the carpet of mini ball field, the green color on the wall, the chair with the feel of football and soccer ball. So Your child can play and learn with the things their likes.

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Unique furniture table study, with the concept of football where in the table, there is a picture of football field added with other pictures that related to football.

Cuarto para aficionados al fútbol 4

Living Room

Full Space Football Decor

Living room or family room to be the place most often used to gather can directly enjoy the atmosphere of football by applying various things related to good football wall decor, ball shape ceiling, green curtain, and carpet with grass field.

Full Ceiling Football Decor

Boy's room with a soccer field on the ceiling. Nice!

Adding Curtain

The simple thing to apply football into your bedroom is to add curtain related images with football like a ball and soccer field .

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The bedroom beside being used as a place of rest and relax but is also a very personal place for everyone to be able to apply hobbies and pleasure especially for football fan.

Bedroom Wall decor

Wall decor with full space green football field behind your bed provides a full football atmosphere in your room. Or wall decor with full color football picture will create the feel of modern football for your room.

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Floating Shelf

In addition to wall decor with large images you can also add floating shelf with football-related accessories.

Para garotos que amam futebol! A arquiteta @adrianadigarcia criou um quarto…

Rustic Style Decor

Easy Rustic style bedroom for football fan with unfinished concrete wall and you can add simple text or picture related to football like goalkeeper, ball or club name of football team fan.

Dit stoere voetbal behang voor de kinderkamer / jongenskamer kan worden voorzien van een eigen naam. De betonnen platen geven de kinderkamer direct een stoere en trendy sfeer. Wauw...de bal is keihard in de muur geschoten! Het fotobehang is gedrukt op 4 banen van 75 cm breed vliesbehang, dus op de naden van de betonplaten. De hoogte is standaard 265 cm, maar is natuurlijk inkortbaar tot 210 cm. Een super eyecatcher op de voetbalkamer!


Unique Bed

You can also use the bed furniture with a football goal form as an accessory to create a room full of football atmosphere plus the green color as the main accent.

Ball Accessories

Add a lot of ball accessories in different sizes and shapes in your room, further strengthening the atmosphere football fan

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Do not miss your bathroom to be filled with the atmosphere of a football fan by giving the green color on the wall even the most unique is the bathtub, with the shape of a football ball half. In addition there are chairs that look like players’ dressing rooms and floor shaped football field. Ball and Goal for table can also added.

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Extreme Interior Design: Sports Meet Bathroom Decor from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

Football Team Accessories

If you are football fan, you surely you will not forget your favorite team to be installed in your room like logo, color and various accessories related to your favorite football team.

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Chelsea Bedroom Designs

Cuartos tema fútbol



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