Bathroom Design and Decoration For Little Boys’ Bath Activities


Children are part of a family that also has an important role to play in determining a decor or a house layout. Because many considerations to think about the layout of the room, the selection of furniture and various room accessories to consider aspects of safety, comfort and character building as children.

Child Room Criteria

The child’s room should be tailored to the character and grown from a child according to gender and age. In addition the room is spurred children to be able to explore so that children become more vigilant about the state of his house, his needs are more fulfilled, and can remain happy despite playing alone. In addition, children will be more easily and accustomed to tidy up the house.

Child space is not only based on the beauty of a room, but considering the needs of children. The child’s space should help train the child’s independence and creativity since childhood. it can be realized through the provision of appropriate furniture and can help the development itself such as imagination, singing, and explore the world personally.

Bathroom For Little Boy

In this article we will discuss about boys’ bathrooms. Not all children are easy to take a bath after a day of playing or doing various activities. So it takes an interesting thing for your child by itself have a desire to bath. And bathing will be a major activity of the day-to-day activities because there is fun while bathing and there are exciting things to spend time in the bathroom.

Little boy has a character that is very different from the little girl character. We can not generalize a room according to standard children as in general.

In decorating the bathroom for your little boy, there is something special that every little boy wants to be presented in his bathroom room. The thing he wants is usually customized with what he receives in his daily activities and that is the personal preference of each child. But there is something that is common to be considered in designing and decorating the bathroom your little boy.

Here are some ideas that can be applied to your boys’ bathroom:

Adding Super Hero Shower Curtain

Most boys love super heroes because most superheroes are male. The most fun thing for them in their minds is if they do everything along with their super hero. We can use shower curtain with the superhero motif they want.

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Adding Boy’s Theme

Speaking of thematic a room, we not only add something like accent just like my curtain shower that suits the desire of your little boy, but must thoroughly meet the bathroom, which your little boy can see, hold and play.


Boys Bathroom


Boys Bathroom

superhero shower curtain super hero shower by PrintArtShoppe

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Adding Boy’s Toys

The most interesting thing in doing the activity of bathing is to keep playing in the bathroom. Need to put in the bathroom, favorite toy your little boy. The toy should be waterproof but in accordance with the theme of the room. So there is something fun while enjoying the activity of the bath.


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30 Colorful and Fun Kids Bathroom Ideas

Boys Bathroom

Adding Full Space Wall Decor

To make your little boy more WOW and like and enjoy doing the activity of her bath. We can do full space decor either from the wall decor to the ceiling decor and added with accessories for the bathroom that matches the theme.

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