7 Easy Steps to Prep Your Furnace for Fall


The temperature is starting to drop; before you know it, it will be time to turn on the heat. There are a few easy steps you should take to make sure your furnace is in good shape and ready to keep you warm throughout the cold season. Calling in your local furnace service company in Borger, TX is recommended, however if you’d like to do some simple prepping yourself, here are some steps you can take.

  1. Change the air filter – A dirty air filter can cause your furnace to work harder than it needs to, leading to higher energy bills and a shorter lifespan for your furnace. Changing the air filter is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your furnace running efficiently. You should change the filter every three months or sooner if it’s dirty.
  2. Check the thermostat – Make sure your thermostat is set to the right temperature for the season. You may want to invest in a programmable thermostat if you don’t already have one. This will allow you to set different temperatures for different times of day and save money on your energy bills.
  3. Clear the area around the furnace – Make sure there are no obstacles around your furnace, such as boxes or furniture. You want to ensure plenty of space for air to flow around the furnace.
  4. Inspect the furnace – Take a look at your furnace to make sure there are no visible signs of damage or wear and tear. Look for cracks, corrosion, or rust. If you notice any issues, call a professional HVAC technician to come and make repairs.
  5. Test the blower – Turn on your furnace and listen for the blower to kick on. If you don’t hear anything, there may be an issue with the blower motor, which must be repaired or replaced.
  6. Check the vents – Ensure all the vents throughout your home are open and unobstructed. If you notice any dirty vents, give them a quick clean with a vacuum or cloth.
  7. Schedule a professional tune-up – Even if you’ve completed all of these steps, it’s still a good idea to schedule a professional tune-up for your furnace. A technician can inspect your furnace thoroughly and ensure it runs at peak efficiency.

Before the cold weather hits, taking these seven easy steps to prep your furnace for fall can save you money on your energy bills and ensure that your furnace keeps you warm all season. A little bit of maintenance now can go a long way in preventing larger issues down the road. If you notice any problems with your furnace, don’t hesitate to call a professional for help.


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