Modern Coastal Kitchen Style


Tropical Island Coastal
From the islands of Hawaii, Polynesia and many more in the great Pacific, a style is quickly emerging and becoming prominent in homes across the globe. This tropical coastal style, or Island style, reflects the customs, colors, and beliefs of its native people.

The Tropical Island Coastal style is known for bright, tropical patterns, natural elements, natural teak and other woods, and cultural and nautical decor.

Play with plenty of textures

Where coastal is concerned, visual weight — or how the design elements look like they feel — is crucial. Going to the beach is a tactile experience (think about digging your toes in the sand or the feel of rocks in your hand) so you want to do your best to re-create those sensations with your design choices.

Start by layering lots of different textures together. Take the picture above as an example. See how the area rug looks like it’s woven, the wooden pieces seem to have a bit of a rough finish and the clayware appears smooth? You want to choose pieces like these, with textures that are visually obvious.

In addition, include plenty of soft elements. The goal of coastal design is to make people feel comfortable, so be sure to include plenty of plush cushions, throw pillows and blankets to make the space welcoming.

Use both modern and traditional accents

The accessories are where you put final coastal touches into your aesthetic. In modern coastal design, you want to stick to fewer accent pieces than you would use in a more traditionally coastal home. That said, don’t be afraid to blend more trendy pieces with one or two statement items that infuse the room with a hint of beachy nostalgia.

For an example of what we mean by “modern” vs. “traditional,” consider this photo. Traditional is the sign proclaiming “beach” or items such as sand dollars or driftwood crafts. In contrast, modern pieces include the chevron pattern, decorative lanterns and shiplap dècor.

Over the past couple of years, coastal styles seem to have fallen out of favor. However, we’re here to tell you not to write off the seaside look just yet. Gone are the overstuffed and over-accessorized rooms that may fill your memory banks. These days, modern coastal design is bringing understated comfort into the 21st century. Use these tips to give your interiors a beachy style that feels unquestionably current.


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