16 Bidet and Toilet Designs : Remodel Your Private Room For Health


Davidrayhomes.com – A bidet is a basin for cleaning a body after using a toilet. It is a popular object in Asia, Europe, and South America. Some toilets use a sprayer and a flush for their toilet. It is helpful to clean the toilet and self-cleaning. The water stream is important to remove dirt. If you need insights, let’s see the 16 Bidet and Toilet Designs : Remodel Your Private Room For Health below!

  1. Bottle Top Camping Bidet

It is a travel bidet. The bottle-top camping bidet is a standard water bottle. It has a simple design and is easy to use. You can bring this item when going to camp, climbing a mountain, and on another adventure. It is a handy bidet, so you don’t need to wait for the toilet or if there’s no toilet. Even though it is not the most efficient bidet, this choice is nice for everyone.

Bottle Top Camping Bidet

Some bottle-top camping bidets have an electric feature. This one is portable with no electric feature. Besides, this bottle has a larger capacity. Thus, you can use them for more time when there’s nowhere to fill them with water. Also, this tool has a slim design. The top of the tip is useful to clean the dirt.

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  1. Handheld Bidet Sprayer

A handheld bidet is a common bidet in a toilet. You will find this bidet in most Islamic and Asia countries. This bidet has a sprayer that generates a soft water stream. It is useful to clean thoroughly. Some handheld bidet sprayers resemble kitchen sink faucets.

Handheld Bidet Sprayer

It connects the toilet plumbing and is easy to use. This bidet has two different water pressure to adjust the cleaning needs. Also, this bidet is durable and won’t clutter the toilet design. Besides, you may find them under a different name, like ‘shatter’, ‘bidet sprayers’, and ‘bum gun’.

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  1. Toilet Bidet Combo

A toilet bidet combo is a unit toilet with a bidet. You won’t see any connector on this toilet. It only has a bidet inside the toilet. This toilet won’t separate both elements to keep the simple design. You just need to use the switch to turn on the water stream.

Toilet Bidet Combo

Besides, the toilet bidet combo doesn’t have an issue with the toilet feature not fitting the toilet design. It looks interesting to create a modern toilet design. This has several water streams. You can get warm water, warm air dryers, and wireless remote controls. It will create a nice toilet for you.

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  1. Bidet Attachment

A bidet attachment is cheap toilet equipment. It is a basic bidet for an ordinary toilet. This tool is installed between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl. So, it won’t clutter the original design of the toilet. The bidet attachment is slim and easy to use.

Bidet Attachment

Moreover, the bidet attachment can fit any toilet design. Some people use it for a regular toilet seat to the squatting toilet. Also, the slim design will give a comfortable handle for you. Besides, you can manage the water stream when using this bidet.

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  1. Shower Bidet or Faucet Bidet

A shower bidet has the same design as an ordinary bidet. It works in the same way as a handheld bidet. This bidet connects to the shower, so that’s why it is named a shower bidet. The shower bidet is not efficient for interior design, but it has a slim long connector.

Shower Bidet or Faucet Bidet

Thus, it can reach more than your toilet. Besides, it is useful as a faucet bidet. Like a handheld bidet, the faucet bidet has the option to get warm water. It is easy to use for everyone. Despite this, the faucet bidet requires a movable aerator for installing this toilet tool.

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  1. Electric Bidet Seat

There is a bidet with an electric element. An electric bidet seat is a standard bidet with an extra feature. For example, some electric bidet seats provide a heated seat, a warm air dryer, and a deodorizer. Also, few people put in extra whistles and bells. This electric bidet seat will change your toilet.

Electric Bidet Seat

Moreover, the multifunctional features are helpful to give easy access to you. It can replace your toilet and improve the toilet with a modern style. This bidet is popular in Japan, so you may see it in many modern places in that country. Despite this, the electric bidet seat will work properly when you put in an adjacent electrical output.

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  1. Non-Electric Bidet Seat

A nonelectric bidet seat is the reverse of an electric bidet seat. It can be your choice if you want a new toilet. This bidet doesn’t need an electric outlet in the bathroom interior. Also, it doesn’t have any expensive features. So, this model will save you money.

Non-Electric Bidet Seat

Besides, the nonelectric bidet seat is useful with ordinary features, such as a heated seat, deodorizer, and air dryer. These features will change your toilet with a simple design. This bidet requires a water supply line to control the water pressure. Like an ordinary bidet, it uses a nozzle spray to deliver the water stream.

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  1. A Cloth Diaper Sprayer

A cloth diaper sprayer looks like a handheld bidet. Besides, it is easy to move in any direction in the bathroom. Even, you can manage the sprayer to control minimal splashback. It is a toilet attachment that needs high water pressure. So, this bidet is useful properly to clean your toilet.

A Cloth Diaper Sprayer

The cloth diaper sprayer will wash the diapers painlessly. Most diaper sprayers are on the back of a toilet. Like the name, the cloth diaper sprayer is for the baby cloth diaper. It is a useful bidet to clean the cloth diaper if you want to save on your budget.

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  1. Philippines Tabo

Philippines Tabo is a basic bidet. It is a common toilet design in the Philippines and some Asia countries. This bidet is traditional and manual. It uses a bucket with clean water. Also, there is a water dipper.

Philippines Tabo

Most Philippines Tabo toilets are squatting toilets. So, you need to squat when using this toilet. Moreover, the Philippines Tabo has no hosepipe or water stream bidet. It depends on you to take the water with a water dipper. Despite this, some Philippines Tabo toilets have a bidet, like another seat toilet.

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  1. Electric Travel Bidet

There is an electric bidet with travel size. This tool is handy and small. Like the name, the electric travel bidet is portable for traveling, camping, or hiking. It requires a battery to work. So, ensure the battery is full-energy before taking it into traveling activities.

Electric Travel Bidet

An electric travel bidet is a simple tool. It is useful for a traveler, backpackers, and others who need a toilet in a remote place. Before using this tool, you need to fill it with clean water. Then, press the on button while using this bidet. This tool provides a different power for the water stream, so ensure you push the right button.

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  1. Standalone Bidet

Standalone bidet is a classic bidet. It looks like a twin toilet. The Standalone bidet is popular in European countries. Some people call it a separate bidet or ceramic bidet. Nowadays, the Standalone bidet has a modern design.

Standalone Bidet

It stands next to the toilet. People use it after urinating or defecating. They need to move after sitting on the toilet, then sit on the bidet. After that, they turn on the faucet to clean the dirt. So, the toilet has no handheld bidet and only a flush button.

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  1. Portable Non Electric Bidet

A portable bidet has various designs. There is a portable non-electric bidet. It is a simple version of the portable electric bidet. This toilet tool is easy to take into outdoor activities, such as camping, traveling, and hiking. The portable nonelectric bidet is easy to use in any situation.

Portable Non Electric Bidet

Like a portable electric bidet, it requires water-filled. So, fill the bottle with clean water. This bidet needs a squeeze to deliver the water stream. The water pressure depends on the strength when squeezing the bidet. Despite this, some people prefer the portable electric bidet that has a controlled water stream with different buttons.

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  1. Toilet Squatting with Bidet

It is a traditional toilet from a toilet. People need to squat when using this toilet. Besides, this toilet has no water bucket or water dipper. It is more modern than the Philippine Tabo toilet. The squatting toilet uses an ordinary bidet.

Toilet Squatting with Bidet

The bidet completes the toilet design. Also, it won’t clutter the toilet or block the traffic feet. Moreover, the slim bidet is useful to simplify the water stream. Control the water pressure by pushing the button slowly. Despite this, the water stream from the bidet can spread the water into the floor. So, be careful when using this bidet.

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  1. Baby Toilet

There is a special toilet for babies. It has a brilliant design. So, the baby can sit properly on the toilet seat. Also, this design is safe for babies, because it has a border around the seat. Most parents use this toilet to teach their kids how to use a toilet.

Baby Toilet

Furthermore, a baby toilet has various designs. It looks cute to pick an interesting design, so the kids will be happy. Like an adult toilet, the baby toilet has a bidet. Despite this, the parents are responsible to clean the baby after using the toilet by the bidet.

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  1. An Elder Toilet with Smart Bidet

Technology changes human life. It is useful to take advantage of a special toilet for elders. This toilet has a smart bidet that appears as buttons on the armchair. Moreover, the design of this toilet adjusts to the elders’ needs. There are toilets with four feet and arms.

An Elder Toilet with Smart Bidet

Besides, this toilet is easy to use. The button has an icon on every button to do the instruction. Like other bidets, this toilet has water control. Thus, the bidet will deliver an adjustable water pressure. Despite this all, this toilet is quite more expensive than other toilets.

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  1. Medical Toilet with Bidet

Some people have different conditions and need a special tool, like a medical toilet. This is a smart toilet with various designs. You can call it a customized toilet. The designer will adjust the customer’s needs before creating the toilet. It will bring a comfortable toilet for a special person.

Medical Toilet with Bidet

Meanwhile, this toilet is like other toilets. It has a toilet bidet. The bidet design will be adjacent to the customer’s needs. It can be a smart bidet or an electric bidet. Any bidet is useful to clean the mess in the toilet.

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Thus are the 16 Bidet and Toilet Designs : Remodel Your Private Room For Health. The bidet is an important toilet tool. You need this tool to clean yourself after urinating or defecating. Some bidets may adjust to your needs, such as a portable bidet, electric bidet, and many more. Every design has pros and cons, so ensure you take your most needed tool. Hopefully, this article is useful to guide you when choosing a toilet bidet. Good luck!


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