17 Madden Living Room Ideas to Create A Widely Beautiful Interior


Davidrayhomes.com – Madden design is a design-driven luxury for the modern home. It is a various interior industry in the United States. Thus, you will find many Madden designs that fit the characteristics of the state. Besides, most Madden designs combine modern accents and traditional accents to create a luxurious impression. Also, this design is interesting to apply in a wide room. Here, we have lists of 17 Madden Living Room Ideas to Create A Widely Beautiful Interior in this article. Let’s see them below!

  1. Using Neutral Paint Color

The neutral color offers a calm impression. There are cream, soft brown, ivory white, and soft grey. You can pick these colors to design your Madden living room. The neutral color will create a spacious impression.

Using Neutral Paint Color

Moreover, it is easy to combine with natural accents. For example, add wood accents on the wall. The wall shelf is a simple idea to decorate the empty wall. Also, display a wooden table in the mid of the room. In addition, use a neutral carpet to create a catchy floor in the living room area.

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  1. Combining Wood and Stone Accents

The wood accents are stunning to enliven an outdoor nuance. You can use the wood accent to improve your Madden living room. Here, the wooden accents are interesting to decorate the ceiling and the frame of the room. There is a big wooden frame that separates the living room from the dining room. These woods offer warm nuance through their dark brown color.

Combining Wood and Stone Accents

Also, you can add stone accents in the Madden living room as well. There is a stone wall on the left side. It looks stunning to be your fireplace area. The stone wall will improve the traditional impression. In addition, the rough texture of the stone will transform your Madden room. This natural accent is attractive to use.

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  1. Brick Wall for A Raw Accent

The brick material is another raw accent. It is beneficial to improve a country house’s impression. The brick wall in this idea is stunning. It enlivens the Madden living room. You can let it bare and don’t paint the brick wall. The natural brick color will strengthen an outdoor nuance.

Brick Wall for A Raw Accent

Also, this living room design has other natural accents. There are sunny windows that invite more sunlight. It will reduce the musty air in the room. In addition, this living room uses a wooden floor. It covers the floor with natural materials. Also, the warm color will emerge in an outdoor atmosphere.

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  1. Adapting The Lake House Design

The lake house is identical to the traditional building. It looks like a country house. Thus, you can use this concept to decorate your Madden living room. First, use the wooden ceiling to create a warm impression. Choose woods with attractive colors and patterns.

Adapting The Lake House Design

Then, apply this concept to the floor as well. You need to use the wood floor to strengthen the country house’s nuance. Besides, install glass windows to get more sunlight. On another side, this living room has a stone fireplace. The raw texture and neutral color will warm the Madden living room.

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  1. White Room and Sunny Windows

This is a wide living room. It looks stunning to use the Madden interior design. First, you need to have a few glass windows and open all curtains. It helps you to get more sunlight in the room. Also, it is more effective if you use white wall paint for the whole room.

White Room and Sunny Windows

Moreover, this Madden living room has a small fireplace. It will warm the room naturally during the cold season. Also, this living room has modern furniture. There is various sofa in this room. You can complete this living room design with a standing lamp and a few small tables.

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  1. Madden Living Room with Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse style is a popular interior design to get a country-like house. There are farmhouse accents in this living room. You will love the stone fireplace and its wooden box. It creates a traditional impression through the wood smell and the color of burning wood. Also, it looks stunning to have a wood plank above the fireplace.

Madden Living Room with Farmhouse Style

Besides, this Madden living room has other wood accents. There are wood planks of the house frame on the ceiling. It has an attractive color and pattern. It even enlivens the traditional nuance in this room. Meanwhile, the classic furniture will support the Madden living room.

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  1. Living Room with Loft Room

The Madden design is more stunning to decorate a loft house. Let’s see this idea. This living room is large. It has a luxurious design. You can see the sparkling accents in this living room. There are many small ceiling lamps in every corner. Also, the neutral wall paint supports the large nuance.

Living Room with Loft Room

Moreover, this living room uses luxurious furniture as well. The sofa set has a nice arrangement that makes it looks spacious. Meanwhile, the wood floor is interesting to enliven the natural nuance. You can use a carpet to mark the living room area. In addition, you can maximize the decoration in this room to get a luxurious Madden living room.

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  1. Applying The Rustic Design for Loft

It is another loft house. This house has an open space concept. Thus, you can see directly to another room. In this idea, the Madden living room has a Rustic design, just like all rooms. There are stone fireplaces, wooden planks, and wooden floors.

Applying The Rustic Design for Loft

Also, this house has many Rustic accents. Even, the loft uses a Rustic design as well. You can decorate it with a wooden fence in the loft room. Moreover, use wood material to cover the wall. In addition, hang a classic chandelier in the mid of the ceiling. It is useful to brighten the room in a beautiful accent.

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  1. Add Two Sitting Areas

The Madden living room is identical to the wide impression. In this idea, you will see a few glass windows on the wall. Then, there are two sitting areas near the wall. It consists of a small bench, comfy cushions, and a blanket. This sitting area is comfortable as a reading nook.

Add Two Sitting Areas

Meanwhile, the main sitting area is in the living room. There are many wooden accents. You will see the wood floor, wood ornaments on the wall, wood frame, and wood plank above the fireplace. Even, this room has no door that separates from the kitchen. It makes the room looks spacious.

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  1. Display Some Country Accents

The country house will transform the atmosphere. It brings a traditional impression to the room. For example, this Madden living room uses country accents. You will find raw wood on the ceiling. It represents the country house in the 1950 era.

Display Some Country Accents

Also, this living room uses classic furniture. The classic sofa set is stunning to put in this living room. Every sofa in this room is neutral and has a traditional shape. Moreover, this living room has an ornamental plant on the table. This natural accent will bring an airy impression to the Madden living room.

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  1. Scandi-Inspired Room

The Scandinavian country has an interesting design. This design represents the atmosphere in the Scandinavian countries. It always has a large window to invite more sunlight into the room. The bright room will enliven the outdoor impression. This idea will be more effective if you apply a neutral color to the wall paint.

Scandi-Inspired Room

Moreover, the Scandinavian accent in this Madden living room makes it more spacious. It looks stunning to see directly to the outside through a large window. Besides, this living room has a nice design for the furniture. There is a combination of modern and classic furniture in this room.

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  1. Styling The Ceiling with Woods

The wooden planks on the ceiling are useful for the house structure. It is also functional for interior design. Here, the wooden planks are stunning to decorate the Madden living room. It adds natural accents to the room. Besides, you can choose various shades of wood.

Styling The Ceiling with Woods

Then, match it with a nice Madden interior design. Even, you can apply your favorite concepts in this living room. For example, determine the type of furniture that you want to put in this room. Then, arrange the modern and traditional accents. In this open space house, you will find many classic accents. There are a classic sofa, traditional wood chairs, an interesting dark table, and a classic chandelier.

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  1. Using Solid Floor

The floor design is an important part of the home interior. It determines the impression in your room. Here, the best floor for Madden’s house is wood. The solid wood has a natural impression to emerge simplicity. Also, it is easier to combine wood with another decor.

Using Solid Floor

Besides, you can cover the floor with an interesting carpet. You can use the carpet for the whole room or in the living room area. The color and pattern of the carpet will affect the impression. Thus, pick a neutral color with a minimal pattern to decorate the living room.

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  1. Designing A Large Window

The bright room is the first concept to create a spacious impression. It is the easiest way to maximize interior design. Also, the Madden living room needs more sunlight to improve the large impression. First, you need to design a large window for your home.

Designing A Large Window

The big window will bring more sunlight. Besides, decorate the living room with an interesting design. Here, the Madden living room uses classic white furniture. It has some lights in every corner. Moreover, there is a big fireplace from the stone. This fireplace is useful to warm the room naturally.

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  1. Stone Fireplace for Farmhouse Accent

The Madden living room is adopting the dweller’s needs. You can put any accent in your Madden living room, as long as it doesn’t deter the decor. This Madden living room has a stone fireplace. Emerges the farmhouse accent in the room. Thus, this accent will complete the Madden living room.

Stone Fireplace for Farmhouse Accent

Moreover, you can support this design with other farmhouse accents. There is white wall paint that enlivens the farmhouse impression, a wooden floor with a natural perspective, and old-style furniture. Besides, open the curtain to get exposure to sunlight in the Madden living room. Even, you can add a few ornamental plants for a fresh atmosphere in this room.

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  1. Natural Living Room

A wide room offers many benefits. This design uses white wall paint and wooden accents. Also, there are few windows in this living room. These accents are essential to get a natural atmosphere in the Madden living room. You can use open the curtain and let the sunlight get into your living room.

Natural Living Room

Besides, this living room looks spacious because the furniture is in the center. It creates a large traffic way around the furniture. Thus, you can walk through the room freely. Also, there is classic furniture in this living room. You will see a combination of leather sofas and fiber sofas. Both are stunning to complete the Madden living room.

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  1. Install A Luxurious Classic Chandelier

The furniture in a room will affect the room’s impression. Thus, it is important to find interesting furniture to decorate your Madden living room. Here, we have an idea to use a classic chandelier. This big lamp is stunning to get a luxurious impression in the room. Also, these hanging lamps are stunning with their tiny lamps.

Install A Luxurious Classic Chandelier

In addition, this Madden living room uses classic furniture as well. There are a leather sofa, wood accents, and a tufted chair. Also, you will love to see the outside scenery through the large window. Even, the stone fireplace is an important accent as well. Thus, this Madden living room will bring a strong impression of a traditional style.

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These are the 17 Madden Living Room Ideas to Create A Widely Beautiful Interior. This design is ideal to decorate a wide room. You can apply modern accents and traditional accents. It will enliven the nuance of a stunning wide room. The must-have accent in this idea is a glass window. It helps you to get a bright room. Hopefully, this article will help you to find the best Madden living room idea. Happy decorating!


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