Measuring Your Hallway Runner Rugs


The type of runner rugs used in the hallway is usually larger in length but thinner in width. If you want to buy rugs for the hallway, you need to select the size correctly. Otherwise, it will be seen hanging on the stairs with increasing length, or if it increases in width, it will fold when opening the doors on both sides.

Here are 4 easy steps by which you can easily take the right measurement for your hallway runner.

Step 1: Measure the Width You Want

Generally, runner rugs are available in different widths and lengths. But like many other things, rugs also follow a standard measurement.

From research, it is known that a 3′ wide is considered the most convenient size. But that doesn’t mean that this size is right for your hallway. A 3 ‘size runner rug can be small or big for your hallway.

So rather than depending on standard runner widths, you have to take measurements of your corridor. Then you need to determine how much of the floor you will cover and how much will reveal.

Now it’s your decision what wide margin you need on each side, but it is wise to keep a distance of 4 \ 5 inches from the walls on both sides. For example, if the width of your halfway is 44 inches, then you should buy a 36 /34 inch wide runner rug.

Step 2: Measure the Length You Want

This step is almost similar to the previous one. You need to measure the length of your hallway and determine your rug’s length.

If you want to place two rugs instead of one, you need to divide the whole length by two. In this case, you also need to subtract the gap between two rugs before dividing the length.

If you want, you can buy a rug equal to the length of your hallway. But according to industry standards, you need to subtract the total length of your hallway by 11 inches at both ends.

Step 3: Make a diagram (optional)

It is not necessary that all the hallways have to be the same. If your hallway has any pillars or corners that a runner rug can not cover, you need to make a diagram. You have to measure the area of that particular pillar or corner and put it on the diagram. Then following the diagram, you can easily determine how much area of the rug you need to cut.

Step 4: Determine the Runner’s Total Length

After measuring the length and width of your hallway, as well as any curves or barriers, you have all the necessary data. Now all you have to do is combine and line them up to get the ultimate size. After that, your job is done. You can now easily buy the required size rug for your hallway.

Measuring hallway runner rugs are a simple task as these are plain surface, and you can do it by yourself.


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