Amazing Accessory Ideas to Spice Up Your Living Room


Your living room is the centerpiece of your home. Thus, it is important that it tells the right story of who you are. And one of the best ways to do that is by adorning it with befitting accessories.

But, while decorating your living room space, you are often torn between several choices. Do you decorate your living room with a bowl chandelier or a crystal chandelier? What of a graphic rug? Will this augment the appearance of your living room space?

In light of the difficulties faced by homeowners when decorating their living rooms, we have decided to highlight a few tips on how to transform your living room space from a lackluster area to a showpiece!

1. Flowers

The right flowers can beautify your living room and provide it with that invigorating natural smell. Stationing some flower vases filled with beautiful flowers in your living room is the perfect way to make your home feel alive.

When purchasing flowers for your living room, ensure you go for those that suit the theme. Common picks are anemones, Champaign roses, peace lilies, etc.

2. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are important additions to a living room space for various reasons. First, an attractive throw pillow can complement the overall beauty of your living room. Secondly, these accessories are elements of comfort.

Regardless of how comfortable and soft your couch is, the roles throw pillows play in ensuring that you remain comfortable while sitting cannot be overemphasized.  So get yourself some throw pillows and add some decorative features to your living room.

3. Add a nice rug

Rugs are another amazing addition to a living room space. A beautiful rug with a soft texture that feels comfortable under your feet can make your living room look appealing and warm. In addition, like the decking in your patio, rugs can help layer your living room’s decoration.

A graphic rug in your living room, placed in the right area, is enough to compel visitors to sing praises of your home.

4. Versatile poufs

If you are a sucker for comfort, you’ll consider decorating your living room with some nice poufs.

Poufs aren’t only designed for comfort, they are also designed for aesthetic reasons.

The right pouf can add a refreshing vibe to your space while functioning as a visual focal point. This soft and comfy accessory can be used to sit or rest your tired legs after a hectic day in your work shoes.

5. Include something personal

Since you spend the most time in your living room, you should consider making it feel homey. One of the ways to achieve that is by placing beautiful pictures in strategic places in your living room space.

Pictures of your glamorous wedding, cheerful graduation, or exciting birthday party can add that homey sensation to your living room.

In addition, it could as well give visitors something to ruminate on. Aside from your pictures, you could consider other personal effects. But, don’t make them too much so you don’t overwhelm your living room space.


Decorating your living room shouldn’t be difficult, provided you know the right accessories to use and how to use them. When decorating your living room, ensure you consider other home fixtures. Whatever you are including has to sync well with other accessories to yield the best results.


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