Attic Playroom Ideas to Create a Cheerful Atmosphere in Your Home

1648 – Creating a comfortable interior decoration is a must for many homeowners. One area that is mandatory for you to decorate to be comfortable and cheerful is a child’s playroom in your home, the point is to create a comfortable playroom decoration. You have to prepare a room that is used for your child to play and grow. For example, you can build an additional room in your home or convert an existing room to save costs of making a playroom. Change the function of a room by redecorating the room so that it becomes a comfortable and cheerful playroom in your house. For example, you can use your attic. Using the attic as a playroom in your home can save you money in creating an interior that is suitable for your children to play, learn, and develop their creativity.

Attic Playroom Function in Home Interior

attic playroom

The attic is additional space in the house that is usually used for storage or used for other functions according to the needs of the homeowner. You can create decorations in your attic for daily needs such as bedrooms, living rooms, toilets, and other rooms. For example, you can create a playroom in the attic for your child to play, train children’s creativities, and also other activities that enhance your child’s growth.

Creating a playroom in the attic of your home can give you additional space for children’s playroom or other activities according to your needs. Besides that, you can also create a place to gather with your family and friends more comfortably in your playroom. For that, create a playroom in the attic in your house with the decorations you want, colors that match your child’s character, and also interior designs that match the size of your attic interior.

Attic Playroom Design Ideas for Your Home

After knowing the function of the playroom in the attic of your home, then we will discuss some design ideas that you can apply. You can create various decorations for the interior of your attic playroom in various ways. For example, you can use several interior designs or decoration options that suit the needs of you and your child. Besides that, you can also create a room that is multifunctional as an open space concept, so you can create a playroom and additional space that you need. For that Let’s discuss this topic about attic playroom one by one.

  • Bohemian Style Playroom

Bohemian Style Playroom

You can decorate your child’s playroom in a Bohemian style. By using a Bohemian style you can give an expressive and artistic accent in an aesthetic atmosphere. Also, making a Bohemian playroom interior decoration will develop your child’s creativity in it. You can also make some other additional decorations such as ornamental plants, wallpaper with bright colors, and also artistic furniture. With an attic playroom like this, you can play with your children with great joy and comfort. This is good for your child’s development both psychologically and physically.

  • Cheerful Contemporary Playroom

Cheerful Contemporary Playroom

Apart from using a Bohemian design in your child’s attic playroom, you can also create a cheerful design with a contemporary and modern atmosphere. To create it you can use interior decorations with strong geometric accents. You can also provide additional decorations or other accessories such as chandeliers with a unique modern design. By using this chandelier and combined with a large window, you can create good lighting in the interior of your child’s playroom. Good lighting will certainly provide comfort in a cheerful atmosphere when your child is playing or studying in it.

  • Playroom with Mini Library

Playroom with Mini Library

You can also make the children’s playroom in your attic a productive place for you and your children. To create it, you can create a mini-library in the playroom interior. Thus, you can teach your child to read and tell a story. Reading activities will certainly give your child more creativity and a strong grasp of knowledge. With a playroom like this, your child will not only play but also learn on their own. This is of course very good for their growth as long as they are still children. This will make you and your child more productive in the playroom without losing the cheerful atmosphere in it.

  • Playroom with Creative Decorations

Playroom with Creative Decorations

To create a good playroom for children’s creativity development, you need to pay attention to several aspects that affect the atmosphere in it. These aspects include the interior design you use, the colors you choose, the furniture you use, determine what your child likes. For that, combine some of these aspects into a good decoration for the development of your child’s creativity. A playroom with a cheerful atmosphere like this also trains your child’s creativity. One thing that limits you and your child in choosing this decoration is your creativity. For that, feel free to decorate and create a playroom that is fun and cheerful.

  • Playroom with Multicolor Decoration

Playroom with Multicolor Decoration

Color is an important thing in interior decoration. This is because the colors give their respective accents and atmosphere. For example, yellow will provide a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Meanwhile, the blue color provides a soft and elegant atmosphere. Therefore, you can create a playroom in the attic of your home with various color combinations to give a unique atmosphere inside. This color combination will give your child creativity and knowledge about colors. This will make the atmosphere more fun to play in a cheerful atmosphere.

  • Playroom for Relaxing with Family

Playroom for Relaxing with Family

You can also create a playroom that you can use to relax with your family. With a playroom like this, you can gather with your family while playing with your children. Thus, you can also give more time to your children. Sharing time and playing with children will give your child good emotional support. Thus, your child will be more creative in learning and playing. Besides that, you and your children will also be closer to the playroom with a cheerful atmosphere.

  • Playroom as Children’s Bedroom

Playroom as Children's Bedroom

For those of you who have a small house size, you can make your attic for your child’s bedroom. You can decorate your bedroom as comfortably and cheerfully as possible as a playroom. Thus, your child will have a playroom that integrates with their bedroom. With this open space concept, you will also save your budget for creating your child’s bedroom. Besides, this will give your child ample space for them to play and develop their creativity.

  • Playroom as Guest Bedroom

Playroom as Guest Bedroom

In addition to your child’s bedroom, you can also create an additional bedroom for your guests or your relative who is staying. Generally, guests rarely stay at home if they don’t have important purposes. For that, you can create a playroom decoration that is cheerful and comfortable in your attic. Also, use decorations and furniture that enhance your child’s creativity. For the bed, you can put it in an area that does not interfere with your child’s play activities. Besides, you can also use multifunctional furniture. For example, you can use a folding bed in your child’s playroom.


Thus our discussion of Attic Playroom Ideas to Create a Cheerful Atmosphere in Your Home. By creating a comfortable and cheerful playroom in the attic of your home, you can give your children space to play, learn, and develop themselves. Besides that, you can also create a multifunctional space in your attic so that you can also use it for your other needs. For example, you can receive guests, create children’s bedrooms, create a comfortable family gathering place, and other activities in the playroom attic of your home. For that, make the decoration as comfortable as possible in your home playroom. We hope this article is useful for you in decorating the interior of the house.


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