Black And White Color Ideas For Elegant Bathroom


Hi, see you again at, making your dream house with inspiration, in this article, we will discuss about black and white color ideas for elegant bathroom.

Black And White Color Decoration

We know that black and white is a neutral color with high contrast, can be combined with other colors as well as with the color gray.

Contrast Color As Focal Point

Applying black and white to your bathroom interior will give you something contrasting in your bathroom. Color selection in your interior is good, from wall coloring, floor tile, bathtub, door etc is crucial to make your bathroom look elegant. Because the contrasting colors of black and white can easily become a focal point for your bathroom. But without the proper arrangement, a combination of neutral colors that is very contrast between black and white or can also called dark and light colors, will make your room, atmosphere feel darker or feel cooler. So it is important to set the right color for each of your bathroom interior items.

Combination of black and white as a neutral color, it is perfect in providing a strong accent or provide a boundary line of a room.

Black And White Bathroom Color Ideas

Here we show some ideas with black and white color combination to make your bathroom look more elegant.

The following picture, a combination of black and white on the bathroom, using a white wall tile, white furniture combined with a unique black bathtub, because in general the bathtub is black, this is very contrast and can be a focal point for your bathroom. In addition there are accent stairs with black color that gives extra contrast colors black and white background, not to forget also wall decor with black and white color images, as well as floor type. This color combination is very fitting for your small bathroom look more elegant.


For a wider or small bathroom the black color is perfect for giving accent or focal point of dominant room with white color. In the following picture this bathroom only adds black color to all the walls, plus accent on the vase floor plant also with the carpet. Very simple applying but looks very elegant.



The following bathroom idea, is a bathroom with modern coastal style. There is no dominant color that gives the boundary between black and white, but more combined in the form of accent, here we can see from the black bathtub with white rim, as well as with the white sink combined with white mirror. For the floor tiles, black and white color combination is very interesting. For the wall also applied a combination of black and white partially.



Almost the same as the above bathroom ideas, this bathroom uses white floor and white wall tile on one side and black wall tile on the side of the next so as to provide a more elegant contrast to your bathroom.


Ideas this bathroom gives accent Black color on the dominant white color on your bathroom so it looks clear room boundary or clear skeletal shape on your bathroom interior items.






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