10 Wall Décor Ideas for Small Apartments


Do you live in a small apartment and get confused while choosing the right wall décor? This blog will help you out. We understand that most of you must be looking for some clever ways to enhance the beauty of your home. And for that, you don’t have to think so much and do something that you really like. Play with home décor and try to use it in on the wall, and if you confused while doing so, then simply slide down and have a look towards 10 wall décor ideas for small apartments.

Go for Large paintings

The Large paintings and photographs on the wall will help it to look bigger. It will give an illusion like a wallpaper. If you are smart enough then go for black and white or sober shades.

Gallery Wall is a great option

The best way to add a personalized touch to a wall is by going for a gallery wall. Choose the best paintings and photographs with the frame and hang it on the wall. Also, for a better effect, you can complement home décor with it.

Fabric as a wallpaper

Handing a fabric on the wall will add colour and pattern to it. It will make your small apartment look funky without even spending too much. Go for vintage and pretty pieces. It is easier to remove and replace.


The Mirror helps the room to look bigger and brighter. There are so many designs and size options available in the mirror itself, so define the perfect piece according to the size of the wall.

Paint a Scenery

Avoid the regular plain wall and paint scenery on it. It will give an illusion that you are living the same kind of life. Also, you will enjoy its positivity and the way it will make your wall look bigger.

Go for shelves

The Shelves provide you with extra storage space and most of the house interior designs have it. And the best part is that you will find floating shelves to shelves that are touching the ground. You can put anything in it and make your wall look better and fuller.

Hang the Plates

Do you know you can hang plates on the wall? Yes, you heard it right. It’s the Chinese style of decorating the walls and give a funky though vintage effect. For this, go for beautiful plates and hang them using the wires.

Add lights

The light can add energy to any boring place. For decorating the wall in your small apartment, choose the Sconces. It will look eye-catchy and doubles the light, size and style of your room.

Go for Plants

The plants make your room look fresh and pleasant. Do you know there are many options for wall pants in the market? Yes, try hanging or wall-mounted plants. You can go for fake or real, according to your wish.


It might seem strange to end our list with “nothing”, but is the best solution. It is sober and gives you a chance to play with furniture. Whenever you are doing for the same, make sure to not bring too much clutter in your room.

Try these wall Décor ideas and make your small apartment look Praiseworthy.


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