Common Efficient Heating Systems for Apartments


Heating ensures good air quality and is essential in most buildings. In some apartments, it’s a requirement for the property owner and enhances tenant comfort, particularly in cold weather. However, installing a heating system can be costly, and knowing your options goes a long way. Are you seeking to install a heating system in your apartment? Well, furnaces make great choices, and there are many other options to consider.

Let’s check them out:

1. Furnaces

Furnaces are must-have heating systems in any modern home. They are pretty popular and work by heating your space and circulating hot air in your rooms. However, the furnace will only work efficiently when you engage professional installers like the furnace installation Toronto team.

Furnaces are different from boilers in that they heat your space through the circulation of hot water. If you’re seeking furnace installation services for your apartment, contact a skilled technician to learn about different types of furnaces. These include;

  • Gas-fired
  • Oil fired
  • Waste oil
  • Duel fuel
  • Electric
  • Wood burning

2. Boilers

A boiler is a pressure vessel that distributes heat using a pump. It forces water to move through tubes in the building and push heat to radiators. There are different types of boilers, and combination boilers are popular. They eliminate the need for a hot water tank and combine two functions. They provide hot water to the apartment and act as central heating boilers. Other types of boilers are;

  • System boilers
  • Open vent boilers

3. Trench heaters

Trench heaters are a type of perimeter heating system and come in different types. These are electric trench systems or hydronic systems. Again, these units eliminate the need for standard radiators on the walls. When installing a trench heater, you dig trenches on the floor and connect a simple converter unit to the heating system.

You then finish this with a grille to heat the room in a natural convention process. Can I tell you more? These heating systems are cost-effective and will save much floor space in your apartment.

4. Pedestal heaters 

Pedestal heaters are excellent choices for property owners seeking to save space and money. They are useful for perimeter heating and are different from trench heaters. Unlike trench heaters, you install them above the floor.

That’s not all, though! They are unique in the way they focus heat. Pedestal heaters circulate heat throughout the unit, ensuring optimal heat in the room. If you want to install all a heating system and are stuck between furnace and pedestal heaters, the furnace installation Toronto technicians can answer all your questions. And this will ease the decision-making process.

5. Electric space heaters

Electric space heaters are not as efficient as trench ad other perimeter heating options. However, they are portable and inexpensive to suit anyone on a budget. The downside about these heaters is that they use significant amounts of energy. Running multiple electric space heaters will significantly raise your power costs over time.

A quick wrap up

There are different heating systems for apartments. For furnaces, you can always get professional installers in most cities. And this makes them favorite among property owners. If you want to upgrade your existing heating system or install a brand new one, hire professional companies and enjoy quality services.


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