How to Make Your Bedroom Feel More Luxurious (on a Budget)


 Whether you are trying to stage your home while you are still living there or you merely want to drift off to dreamland amidst deluxe décor, a luxurious bedroom is a popular wish these days. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to design their sleeping spaces like celebrities; most homeowners devote the bulk of their renovation budget to rooms that return the investment, like kitchens or bathrooms. You probably don’t have a substantial sum to achieve a super sumptuous sleeping space — but that shouldn’t stand in your way.

Here are a few tips for gaining a luxurious look in your bedroom:

Invest in Quality Where It Counts

Even when you are on an especially tight budget, there are two elements of your bedroom design in which you definitely want to save up for something high-quality and deluxe: your mattress and your pillow. Your bed isn’t merely the largest decorative item in the space; it also contributes directly to all aspects of your health and wellbeing. If your mattress and pillow preclude you from getting a full night’s sleep, then your bedroom will never feel sumptuous and special.

When you invest in an affordable organic pillow and mattress, you should take the time to care for them properly, to extend their lifespans. You should use a mattress protector and fluff your pillows every day, and you should take the time to wash your bedding to eliminate dust and grime. Then, you will continue have the perfect foundation for a luxurious bedroom.

Make a Statement

Incorporating too many high-luxury design elements into your bedroom could create a visual overload that is less appealing than you might imagine. Instead, you might choose one or two statement pieces, which draw the eye and ground your design.

Design statements don’t have to break the bank. You can shop in consignment stores, thrift shops and vintage stores for older furniture and decorative pieces that tend to have lower price points than brand-new luxury options. The best statement item for a bedroom is a grand bed frame, but you might also look for interesting art or cool light fixtures that suit your style. Again, you don’t want too many statement pieces in your space, lest your bedroom feel crowded and uncomfortable.

Diversify Your Textures

Instead of focusing too intently on the color of your bedroom, you should pay close attention to the textures you add through wall coverings, bedding, floor coverings, furniture and more. Textures help to pull the eye around the room, improving the balance of the space. Generally, designers strive to make bedrooms feel inviting and warm, which means ample use of rougher or fluffier textures found in textiles.




You shouldn’t be afraid of incorporating a wide range of textures in your bedroom. Though the precise materials you use will depend largely on your style preferences, here are a few ideas for increasing the number of textures in your space:

  • Add a rug. You might also layer rugs, which tends to be more affordable and more practical.
  • Add plants. You can use living plants, dried plants or fake plants to decorate your space.
  • Add wallpaper. Peel-and-stick wallpapers are affordable and come in textured patterns.
  • Add wall hangings. Art prints are chic, but so are fiber wall hangings, like macrame or tapestries.
  • Add curtains. Curtains come in wider varieties of materials than blinds or shutters.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Easily the most important element of luxury design is a notable lack of clutter. When you see images of celebrity bedrooms, you don’t see a jumble of half-finished water bottles on the nightstand or a pile of dirty socks on the floor. Usually, their bedrooms are immaculately clean with hardly any personal clutter, even on top of dressers or inside closets.

Before embarking on your luxury bedroom design journey, you might take the time to massively declutter your space. You should be brutally honest with regards to whether you need or like items currently in your bedroom, and you should try to hide away as much as possible in an organized way. You might follow the advice of gurus Marie Kondo or the Home Edit, or you might make your own method of decluttering and organizing.

A tight budget shouldn’t prevent you from finding comfort in your bedroom. By emphasizing the right elements of design, you should be able to put together a sumptuous sleeping space, regardless of how much cash you have to spend.


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