9 Lawn Improvements to Increase the Functional Value of Your Outdoor Space


If you are looking for ways to spruce up your property’s outdoor space, the options are many for landscaping and lawn treatments, Manassas, VA lawn specialists say. Many will not only boost the visual appeal of your garden or yard, but they will also improve the functionality of the space, so your family can get more enjoyment out of it.

‘Don’t know how and where to get started? Here are ideas for the ultimate outdoor space makeover.

1. Install a gazebo

Head to your local hardware or home depot, and for sure, you’ll find gazebo kits that you can easily install in your garden or yard over a weekend. This structure is always an excellent addition to an outdoor space because it clearly defines where you, members of the family, and guests can lounge around on a fantastic weather day.

A gazebo is an ideal place for everything — from meditation to afternoon tea, and just lounging around by yourself or with company.

2. Put up trellises

Vertical elements can enhance the dimensions and overall beauty of outdoor spaces. So, build some trellises for crawling and climbing plants. You can have these lean against the wall of your house or make them stand on their own as a crawling wall for lovely clematis or sweet pea, and even edibles such as certain types of gourd, eggplants, and even grapes.

You can also build a trellis for a vertical garden. Hang small pots of herbs, succulents, and even moss. Place the trellis near your kitchen for easy access to some aromatic herbs and veggies to add to your cooking.

3. Set up a firepit

According to Better Homes and Gardens, a fire pit is one of the best add-ons for a lawn — just make sure to install it in an ideal section of your yard. A fire pit can provide your outdoor space with illumination and warmth during the cold months. You’ll find that during the fall and winter seasons, lighting up the fire pit will instantly get members of the family and even neighbors congregating to your lawn for an impromptu bonfire.

Meanwhile, for a picnic or party, a fire pit can double as a cooking station. Here, you can heat or cook anything — from soups, barbecue, hotdogs, s’mores, corn, and many others.

4. Decorate with outdoor furniture

Iron or wicker chairs and tables will automatically turn your yard into an outdoor entertaining or dining area. Invest in a few of these to switch up your family’s routines, especially during spring and summer.

Likewise, with outdoor furniture set up in your yard, you can take a greener approach to while away the time by giving electricity use at home a break.

Instead of staying for hours in front of the TV or computer using up fossil fuel energy, you can watch all the action down your street. You can also just read your favorite book and relax using the natural illumination from the sun and enjoy the breeze.

5. Place in concrete steps

For big yards and gardens, consider installing concrete steps leading to an outdoor seating area, or to the different plant beds in your outdoor space. The concrete steps would be a nice touch to the landscape because these can be made to look like decor.

But, aside from that, experts in lawn care in Manassas, VA say, concrete steps can protect your turf, as well, by minimizing foot traffic. This is a must, particularly if you have invested in exotic turf species.

6. Light up the yard

A new landscape design isn’t complete without a few lighting implements. Lamps, bistro string lights, luminaries, and strip lights to outline the shape of your yard can enhance the beauty of the space. Not only that, but these can also make your yard even more useful because well-lit locations never fail at gathering people.

Another advantage of outdoor lighting is it can make your home more secure. Home safety and security companies say that burglars and other home invaders are less likely to intrude into properties that are well-lit because of better visibility.

7. Make Reticulation Fun

Keeping turf and other plants adequately hydrated is always the order of the day. However, instead of relying on a typical reticulation network, consider making it fun.

Install sprinklers purely for the kids to use on a hot summer day. Likewise, consider decorative watering structures such as fountains, ponds (which can be a part of an aquaponics system), and mini-waterfalls. With these fun reticulation implements, lawn care can be everybody’s enjoyable activity.

8. Mix up turfs

Create a unique design for your outdoor space by combining different kinds of turf. This would be a clever strategy to execute mainly if you’ve dealt with pests and other grass growth setbacks in the past.

Another advantage of mixing turf species is it can make your lawn more functional. For example, you can install hardy and foot traffic-resistant turf for a lawn playground, badminton court, or even a giant chess or checkers board.

If you are keen on mixing turf for such purposes, work with landscaping experts who will not only carry out the idea effectively but can also advise you on the best execution and maintenance of such a makeover project.

9. Frame the yard

Creating borders for your outdoor space will define the area better. Additionally, it can make lawn care so much easier because the borders can prevent overgrowth which, in turn, would require regular trimming.

When it comes to borders, you can use a variety of materials. Concrete is a popular option, ditto with brick and tiles. But, if you want to create a continuity of green, consider shrubs and small trees as hedging for the yard. These even offer the additional advantage of better privacy for your property, which you may want if you enjoy sun-bathing in your yard during the summer, or hosting outdoor get-togethers.

If you’ve got time in your hands, or if you’re keen on making a few significant changes to spruce up the look of your lawn, start with these tips. With these lawn inspirations, you’re not only making your outdoor space more functional for you and your family; you’re also turning it into an aesthetically pleasing haven designed to create joy right in the safety of your own property.


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