Six Ways to Successfully Impart Modern Décor Elements in Your Older Home


Do you have an older home, which you wish to redecorate to make it more modern? There are different ways on how you can do this. The difference between traditional and modern architecture is really something to start with. There are some people who would want to maintain the historical elements in their home while they add some modern element. There are different ways on how this can be done. Here are some ways on how you can successfully impart modern décor elements in your older home:

Choose a new color palette

A new color palette is one of the easiest and the most effective ways on how you can add modern home design in your home. This can have a huge effect on the overall design of the house and how the furniture appears. With a fresh coat of paint, you will easily change the way things look. Modern color palette is usually characterized by simplicity, brightness and how clean it appears. The lighter and the brighter it appears, the more modern it is. A shade of white is one of the most common color preferred by many. But if you are not really one of those who are fond of this, you can also look for other options like grey, beige or soft neutral blue.

 Figure out your decorating style

Knowing the design that you want for your home is vital. If you know exactly what you want, it would be easier for you to design and achieve perfection.

  • Transitional

This decorating style is perfect for home styles with Victorian or colonial style. This is called hybrid because it features and blends modern and traditional style. With transitional decorating, you’ll have to use neutral colors as base. It also involves the use of stones and dark woods. Earthy reds, olive greens, and sages are part of the accent colors that you can use. In terms of the furniture, this style includes features such as soft and curvy lines.

  • Modern

Clean lines are the major features of a modern decorating style. It is coupled with wood and earth tones. This is something is also accentuated by mid-century modern sofas. For this decorating style, you can make sure that it can work for ranch homes and those that were constructed during the 50’s.

  • Farmhouse

Joanna Gaines is the one who made the farmhouse decorating style popular in the 21st century. This is known as a style that integrates practicality to achieve coziness and to make the home look more inviting. Part of the features of farmhouse decorating style is overstuffed sofas and earthy wood tables. You can also add some vintage pieces from the antique store as accent pieces.

Breakdown your new home decorating plan by room

Some people deal with the overwhelming  feeling of trying to design the whole house. This is a problem that you can easily solve if you are going to consider breaking down the decorating plan.

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Instead of thinking of the whole place at a single time, you can choose to start with the rooms first. You can begin with the bedrooms. After that, you can think of a way to match the decorations in your living room. The recommendation is to choose two rooms to decorate at a time. You can always consider different designs but make sure that there is an element that will unify the whole thing. This way, you will be able to create a theme for your decorating style.

 Swap out big pieces for more impact

Overdyed rags are the trends nowadays. This is something that can be integrated in your design for the different rooms in your home. The next best thing you can do now that you have already decided to redecorate is to start with the big pieces in the rooms. First, look for the most important piece in the room that you are designing. You must start with this because it is usually the big piece that is most important. Aside from this, these big pieces also seem to be the most expensive. Start with the dining table, the sofa, and the bed. These are the most important pieces in the dining room, the living room, and the bedroom.

 Paint is your new best friend

Repainting the walls is one of the easiest and the cheapest way in redesigning a room. First, design the color that you want and transform the rooms in your home. A plain white color is a great backdrop. But if you want to choose something that is neutral, you can consider shades of grey or mocha. An accent wall is also one of the best additions in your decorating style. You can choose a focal wall that will serve as the accent wall. You can paint it with a bold color.

The shapes you choose to play a part

The shapes of the furniture and the other items that you have at home can have an effect on the overall design. It is imperative in a modern home to choose the furniture and other items that have strong shape. They serve as the major part of the decorating process. The walls usually are colored neutral and the items around are the ones that will serve as decorations. Strong edges like squares and rectangles are perfect. This is usually what we see in modern homes. You should avoid soft curved lines because they may not be perfect in modern design.

The focus of modern decorating style is to incorporate new ideas that will make the home look fresh. But just like any other style, the main focus is to achieve comfort. There are different ways on how you can integrate modern elements in the existing design of your home. Being able to identify what really suits you and your personal style is another tip that will make things easier to deal with. Comfort and style should come hand in hand even in blending traditional and modern décor.


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