Fresh Balcony Decoration Ideas For Your Home

1820 – Having a balcony is one of the semi-outdoor decoration in a home. A cozy balcony is based on how you decorate this place. You can relax in the early morning to see the sunrise or wait for the sunset in the evening. Many activities you can do in the balcony. You can enjoy a cup of tea with your family, take a nap with the fresh air, look at the starry night sky, and view a wonderful scenery from the height place.

Fresh Balcony Decoration Ideas For Your Home

In this article will discuss some beautiful and fresh balcony designs for your home. A balcony can provide you with a connection between indoor and outdoor parts at home. The balcony also reduces your boredom after doing work because you inhale the fresh atmosphere. It is recommended for you who do not want to go out from home but need a new refreshment. In this article, we will talk about balcony ideas that you can try in your home.

Using Ornamental Plant Decoration

ornamental plant

A balcony can be a good place to put some ornamental plants. The green color from the leaves makes the balcony seems like a little garden in your home. It is suitable for your gardening hobby but does not have a wide place to plant something. The plants will get enough sunlight which protects them from moist temperature. Put some pots on the balcony floor, or hang them on the trail for a more fresh view. Relax in your balcony while you enjoy a cup of tea with the green scenery. A good mood comes from a good view from your balcony.

Using Carpet to Make Floor More Aesthetic


The easy way to change the mood of your balcony is an aesthetic carpet. You can change it regularly when you get bored. It is a simple floor effect that you can opt when you do not like the original floor, or you want to sit on the floor, rather than sit on the chair. Carpet patterns can change the impression of your balcony because it drives the eye into a particular feeling. For example, the striped carpet brings a geometric sense which affects the floor to be wider. While a full pattern has a narrow effect.

Using Dining Table on Your Balcony

dining table

Enjoy the meal while sitting on the balcony is a nice activity. A wide balcony is possible to decorate it as a substitute dining room. Put a table which suitable to the balcony size then add two chairs on the nice carpet. Besides, use a small pot to give a greenery view on the table. To make the balcony looks wide, use a simple chair. For this concept, it depends on your sense you add more or less plant in your balcony. Eat your meal with a beautiful sky and let the wind touch your skin softly.

Using A Swing Chair on Your Balcony

swing chair

A balcony allows you to have a swing chair without going outside from home. And you will touch the fresh air combine with the sunlight. An outdoor light sets you to feel warm while sitting on a comfy swing. It will lullaby you and relax your backbones after having daily activity. Take some furniture in the same tone color and put it near the swing. A rattan material creates a natural look in the balcony.

Beautiful Minimalist Balcony


Choose the chair based on your balcony space. A narrow balcony with a minimalist concept needs two slightly chairs and a small table. If you put a bigger chair, it will make your balcony seems smaller. For minimalist balcony, use a tiny decoration such as a tiny pot to maintain the aesthetic sense of the balcony. Enjoy your tea-time in the minimalist balcony.

Wooden Decoration Balcony

wooden balcony

Wood is a favorite material for furniture. Because it is easy to form and has an aesthetic line. It feels so traditional when using it for decorative function. It is a desirable design for the balcony with these curve lines. You can add wooden material on the floor and the trail, if your balcony trail made by concrete material. To make the balcony feels like a jungle, hang a brown hammock to substitute the chair. Add some green plants to interplay the wood effect and to be more perfect.

Warm and Cozy Lighting Decoration


A balcony might a second private place after the bedroom. It provides you to have a connection between indoor and outdoor parts at home. For you who like to spend time starring the night sky, install some lamps that are recommended to rise out of the romantic atmosphere. Choose the lamps with a yellow light. The placement of the lamps is also important to make the romantic and warm sense. For the effect, set some light decoration around the balcony and do not use many lamps. A dim light will ensure a romantic atmosphere. Play some romantic songs while look at the night sky with your friend, your love one, or your family.

Thus our discussion about Fresh Balcony Decoration Ideas For Your Home. By using the right balcony design and decoration will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed relaxing in your home balcony. Therefore, what are you waiting for, take the tools and materials you need to redecorate your balcony. It will bring you a new atmosphere when you stay there. Eat some snacks while you sit on the balcony, touch the fresh air on your skin, and feel the winds. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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