For your home maintenance needs, you have signs that tell you when something needs to be done. You know when to mow the grass, have the professionals inspect your roofing system, or call in garage door specialists. The same should go for your system septic.

Your septic system handles all the wastewater coming from your toilet, sink, kitchen, and laundry. It works hard daily to ensure that wastes break down properly and don’t cause you and your loved ones any trouble.

A well-constructed and maintained septic tank ensures an efficient wastewater treatment process. Remember, just because your septic tank is out of sight doesn’t mean it will not need professional services.

Look out for these signs when to call for a professional septic tank service in your area.

  1. It’s been some time since you last scheduled an inspection. The time limit for a typical septic tank is 3-5 years. However, it pays to book a septic system inspection to be sure everything is going well. Don’t wait for issues to arise. A septic system failure is inconvenient and costly. Also, septic pumping frequency varies per household. Water usage, the number of users, and the amount of waste deposited into the tank will all impact your pumping schedule.
  2. You notice sogginess and pooling water on the ground. When there’s standing water on your drain field, this means that you need to schedule a pumping service immediately. Ground sogginess is another telltale sign that your septic system warrants attention from the experts.
  3. There’s foul-smelling odor around. If you’re starting to smell unpleasant odor within your property, don’t wait any longer to call for a septic and sewer system solutions company. The lingering odor isn’t only bothering, it can also pose health risks.
  4. There’s sewage backup. A clogged septic tank can cause sewage backup. If there is too much heavy solid waste inside the tank, it will no longer be able to accommodate new ones. Worse, it will also have difficulties disposing of existing wastewater. Solid waste may find their way to your drain field. If the situation worsens, this can compromise your drinking water and pollute local waterways.
  5. Your grass suddenly turns greener and thicker. Although this looks great at first sight, you need to think twice. If the grass on your septic area all of a sudden looks greener, this can indicate a sewage overflow. You will also need technicians to check whether plants and roots are already infiltrating your septic system. While grass is a great cover for your septic system, you don’t want to grow a garden on it.
  6. Your drains are working slower than usual. If you notice that your toilet and sinks are draining slower than usual, this can mean that your septic tank is due for a pumping service. Clogged toilet and sinks are inconvenient. Rather than going through downtimes for these issues, prevent them by scheduling regular septic system services. Don’t forget as well to dispose of your trash properly. Objects that don’t decompose and those that may poison your tank should be kept away from your drains and sinks.
  1. You feel something’s wrong with your septic system. If you notice anything unusual on your septic system area, call in a trusted technician in your area right away. You don’t want issues to arise when you have guests at home, so it’s better to keep your septic system well-maintained. After all, you don’t have to do the work on your own as it can be dangerous.

Be sure to seek a septic pumping service only from a trusted team. It helps to know that the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and has great reviews from reputable third-party sites, such as the Home Advisor.


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