Open and Spacious Room Paint Color Inspiration

1708 – Having a comfortable bedroom is the dream of many people. We slept as a place to rest after a day of activities. With a comfortable bedroom, the quality of rest and sleep will be better. No wonder so many people decorate their bedrooms as comfortable as possible. One of the decorations that we will discuss this time is the bedroom color paint. Having a bedroom with a comfortable paint color and giving the impression of open and spacious makes your sleep more calm.

Open and Spacious Room Paint Color Inspiration

In this article will discuss the bedroom paint that gives the impression of spacious and open in your bedroom. Broad impression gives you a feeling of calmer and safer because it is not depressed by the sense of tightness of the room. Let’s discuss what the colors are.


white small room

White is a neutral color and is suitable for all types of rooms. This color gives a broad impression on your bedroom. Besides this the color is bright and gives a clean impression. You can use interiors with various colors of your choice. If you don’t want to use a mixture of colors, the white interior is still beautiful for your bedroom.

Light Blue

Light blue

The next color that we will discuss is light blue. The light blue color gives a bright and spacious impression to your room. This color also gives a comfortable atmosphere for the bedroom owner. This makes you sleep better quality. You can also combine light blue with matching colors to give a more aesthetic impression to your room.



The next paint color that we will discuss is the beige color for your bedroom. Beige can give a spacious impression to your small bedroom. This color also gives a warm impression in the room. You can combine this color with other colors to make it more aesthetic like white, light brown and other bright colors. This color is suitable for those of you who like the natural impression. You can also use floors and furniture made of wood to add a more natural feel to your room.



The next color that we discuss is purple. This color is suitable for the bedroom because it gives the impression of an open space. You can combine it with white and other colors.



The pink color makes your room feel more spacious and open. With pink color also gives a unique impression and character. You can combine it with white or red so the atmosphere is more beautiful. By using this color makes your room more aesthetic and comfortable.


green small room

The next color that we will discuss is green paint for the bedroom. Green color provides a fresh atmosphere and is not boring for the bedroom. Besides this color also makes the bedroom look more spacious and open. The green color reflects light well, both the sun and lights. This makes the room with this color look fresh, spacious and open.


yellow small room

The last color we discussed is yellow. Yellow is so characteristic, yellow gives a cheerful and pleasant impression. The color that is suitable for a child’s room also gives a wide and open impression to the bedroom. If you want to use yellow for your bedroom, you can use a combination with white to look elegant.

Similarly, some color inspiration that makes your bedroom look spacious and open. A cozy bedroom atmosphere is the key to quality rest. Hopefully this article is useful for you.


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