Creative Task Lighting Ideas For Adorable Kitchen


Kitchens are not just for cooking, they’re often the spot where people gather in the home. Whether you’re looking for better lighting for your cooking tasks or want to create a more welcoming space for friends and family.

Since the kitchen is where most families spend the bulk of their time, it’s important that the space is designed just right, especially when it comes to lighting. We asked top designers for their advice on kitchen lighting design, from must-haves to problems to avoid.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting design needs to have the most flexible interior lighting scheme in the home to reflect the wide range of functions which kitchens are now used for.  Kitchen lighting needs to adapt from a bright, general light for the day, especially in dark kitchens as a supplement to daylight, to children’s tea and home work at dusk, to an intimate light for dining in the evening.  Good positioning of light fittings is key to achieve this.

For the most effective and attractive kitchen lighting design, plan task lighting first to give you light where you really need it, then add accent lighting for visual interest. Add your general lighting last to fill the space with just the right amount of ambient light. Combine all three layers of light with the right kitchen light fixtures and dimmers, and you’ve got a recipe for kitchen design success

Task Lighting

Task lighting helps you perform specific tasks such as reading, sewing, cooking, homework, hobbies, games, or balancing your checkbook. It can be provided by under cabinet, tape and track lighting, pendant lighting, and portable lamps. Task lighting should be free of distracting glare and shadows and should be bright enough to prevent eyestrain.

Creative Task Lighting Kitchen Ideas

Task lighting focuses on a specific area to provide targeted illumination for accomplishing tasks. Imagine yourself in the kitchen; think about whatever you normally do there and where you do it. Break the kitchen up into the individual task areas that need light: cabinets, drawers, countertops, pathways and the sink. Here it is  Creative Task Lighting Kitchen Ideas for adorable kitchen that we have collected special for you













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