5 Kitchen Organization and Storage Ideas to Optimize Your Space


A kitchen is the workhorse of ones home. It’s one of the most used spaces and it’s one that often pays a high price. Most kitchens are cluttered and unorganized due to the fact that they are used so frequently.

Look around your kitchen, are there piles of mismatched containers on the counter? Are your cabinets overflowing with dishes? Maybe there are draws crammed with plastic bags because there’s nowhere else for them to go. These are all indicators that you should step up kitchen organization game.

How to organize your kitchen

Now that we’ve talked about what’s causing your kitchen to become so cluttered, let’s discuss ways you can utilize the space to the fullest. We’ve lined out 8 innovative kitchen organization ideas to help you optimize your space.

1. Utilize the walls and inside the cabinet doors

One of the first things you can do to eliminate clutter in your kitchen is to look around for extra wall space. You can stick to a variety of things on the walls and inside your cabinet doors to optimize your space. Things like utensils, cutting boards, spices, napkins, and baskets look great in these areas. And it provides you with some extra counter space.

2. Grab an over the door organizer for your cleaning supplies

There commonly referred to as shoe organizers but they’re really over the door storage organizers. And these things are great for storing cleaning supplies, aluminum foil, zip lock bags, and garbage bags. You just hang them on the inside of the door of the pantry and so when you close the door these items are out of sight, out of mind.

3. Don’t just throw pots and pans in the cabinet

Sure sometimes its easier to just throw the pan in the cabinet once it’s cleaned, but if you’re not careful about the placement of it, you could just be making more of a mess. Try stacking your pots, pans, and cookie sheets on top of one another with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on the top. This will open up space in the cabinet and it could allow you to fit more inside.

4. Consider installing a hanging pot rack

For those who have a lot of cookware, consider installing a hanging pot rack in your kitchen. These can go over an island, over a sink, or anywhere else you see fit. Buy hanging up your pots and pans you’re taking kitchen organization to a whole new level. This storage hack can free up a ton of cabinet and counter space.

5. Mount your dish rack

We’ve talked a lot about clearing up cabinet space. But if it’s counter space you’re looking for, consider creating a DIY dish rack and mounting it next to your sink. You can do this using two or three wire wick baskets and some hooks. Then you don’t have to worry about having a dish rack on the counter.

Install the Right Cabinets

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