18 Exotic Master Bathroom to Redecorate the Old Interior Design


Davidrayhomes.com – A bathroom is a must-have room in every house. It is useful to clean your body after doing daily activities. The bathroom design is various. It depends on the dweller’s style, room size, and budget. An exotic design is one of the adaptive designs for a bathroom. It is versatile and easy to design. The exotic bathroom will bring out a tropical or natural nuance. Here, are exotic bathroom ideas for redecorating your bathroom. Let’s see the 18 Exotic Master Bathroom to Redecorate the Old Interior Design below!

  1. Exotic Bathroom Idea on a Budget

The first idea is an exotic bathroom on a budget. This bathroom is easy to design. The white theme is a perfect background to start decorating an exotic bathroom. There are brown bricks on the corners with an attractive pattern.

Exotic Bathroom Idea on a Budget

Meanwhile, the tropical plants are decorating the bathtub. There are banana trees, Monstera, and Dracaena. It brings a fresh nuance with its green leaves. Also, orange pendant lights will complete this interior. It enlivens a warm atmosphere in this bathroom.

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  1. Shower Room on A Small Pathway

An exotic bathroom is identical to an outdoor nuance. This idea leads us to a fresh design. It looks like an outdoor bathroom with a high wall. This exotic bathroom has a white pathway as a shower room. The pathway is made of concrete and rocks.

Shower Room on A Small Pathway

Besides, there are many plants on both sides. Most of them are tropical plants that grow well indoors. There are Birds of Paradise, Dracaena, Banana tree, and other dark green plants. If you want to adopt this design, it needs a small garden to grow these plants naturally.

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  1. An Outdoor Bathroom

Do you like to take a bath outdoors? If you do, this idea will fit you. It is a truly outdoor bathroom. This design is quite exotic with stones, rocks, plants, and sunny spots. It brings a naturally warm bathroom with fresh air.

An Outdoor Bathroom

There is a shelter above the bathtub. Someone on the upper floor may look down and see this exotic bathroom. Look at the white bathtub. It is put in the center of a small raised bed. This bed makes a small garden with many tiny plants.

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  1. Install A Glass Wall

A sunny window is beneficial to decorate an exotic bathroom. It enlivens an outdoor nuance and invites more sunlight. This idea is one of the best sunny bathrooms. It uses a glass wall to bring exposure to sunlight. The sunroof will shine directly to the bathtub.

Install A Glass Wall

Then, you can enjoy bathing time under the warm sunlight or night sky. Moreover, the glass wall brings an interesting outdoor view. Thus, the designer put a green garden outside the bathroom. It is beautiful as a natural background. You can call it a biophilic wall.

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  1. Exotic Bathroom for the Urban Jungle

Some exotic bathrooms offer a natural atmosphere. This bathroom brings out the urban jungle nuance. There are many tropical plants in this bathroom. It is a modern bathroom with a white theme. So, the tropical plants are quite striking in this room.

Exotic Bathroom for the Urban Jungle

Besides, it has a nice display. The tropical plants are decorating both sides of the bathtub. This stone bathtub is on a wooden base. Also, there are Birds of Paradise plants that grow bigger and taller behind the bathtub. Also, the wooden elements like a small stool are interesting to complete a natural nuance.

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  1. Modern Bathroom x Natural Accents

Let’s mix modern design and natural accents to make a dream bathroom. This exotic bathroom is easy to design. The wall is made of dark grey bricks. It looks elegant to cover all the walls. Also, this dark accent is stunning to pair with brown wood.

Modern Bathroom x Natural Accents

This modern bathroom brings an exotic nuance. There are some small plants in this room. The bathtub area has a green plant, the String of Turtles on the corner. Meanwhile, the sink area is interesting with no plants. Another tropical plant is in the corner of a room.

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  1. Add Warm Lights for Beautiful Spots

Lighting is a functional element in home design. It brings a different nuance when you install it in a certain spot. This exotic bathroom has a nice arrangement of lighting. It has a yellow light in every small spot, like a case for toiletries.

Add Warm Lights for Beautiful Spots

Also, string lights decorate the wall. It creates a shining line on the wall. The biophilic background looks warm and attractive. If you have a wall mirror, you can install a string light behind it. Then, hang some pendant lights that enliven a warm atmosphere.

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  1. Exotic Stone Bathroom

Stone is one of the natural materials. This element makes a perfect exotic bathroom. Let’s see this idea. This bathroom wall is beautifully insane. The protruded accents make it looks real and bring an outdoor impression. Also, the warm lightings create an interesting view.

Exotic Stone Bathroom

Look at the bathtub. It is even made of stone too. This bathtub matches this bathroom interior. This is a large room with a stone bathtub against the wall. The shower area resembles a waterfall. Also, this bathroom uses dark tiles to make a cool touch whenever you step on it.

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  1. A Spacious Exotic Bathroom

Some natural bathrooms are spacious. It adopts the natural place where ancient people like to wash their bodies. Look at this idea. It is interesting with such spaces. This bathroom only has one shower area which makes it looks spacious.

A Spacious Exotic Bathroom

Also, there is no clutter design. It only has green plants on the corner. Dracaena and indoor palm trees are the best tropical plants to grow in a bathroom. This exotic bathroom is perfect with large windows. You can see sunlight gets into the bathroom when the curtain is pulled out.

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  1. Adopting A Resort-like Bathroom

A resort bathroom has a relaxing nuance. This is a fresh design that you can bring home. Design your dream bathroom by adopting this nice design. It is an exotic bathroom with resort-like accents. There are rolls of towels, aromatic fragrances, flowers, and amber bottles.

Adopting A Resort-like Bathroom

This bathroom is located in an outdoor space. It brings a fresh nuance for people who take a bath in this place. Moreover, the tropical plants make it looks perfect. There are Birds of Paradise plants, Peperomia, hanging plants, and some partial to full sun plants.

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  1. Modern Tropical Bathroom

This is another modern bathroom. It is a modern tropical bathroom that brings an exotic nuance. Most elements of this bathroom are natural. There are tropical plants on the corner. Also, it has some hanging plants near the sunny windows.

Modern Tropical Bathroom

Meanwhile, the bathtub area is narrow. The shower room has a blurry partition on the corner. This wet area is modern. It looks elegant with zig-zag green tiles and a dark grey wall. Also, this bathroom has eccentric wall lamps. There are a pair of wall lamps between the twin mirrors.

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  1. Make A Small Garden

A green element is beneficial to put in an exotic bathroom. Thus, it is okay to have a small garden for indoor plants in the bathroom. Look at this idea. This bathroom has a small garden that makes a green line against the wall.

Make A Small Garden

Moreover, this garden gets direct sunlight as you see a vertical sunroof above it. This sunroof is interesting to brighten the bathroom. Meanwhile, this bathroom looks clean and modern. It is quite minimalist with no ornaments or ornate accents. The shower room is clean and adjacent to the bathtub.

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  1. Use A Biophilic Wall

A biophilic theme is an attractive choice to decorate an exotic bathroom. Biophilic is a natural background or wallpaper which consists of full plants. There are natural and faux plants for a biophilic background. This bathroom is one of the stunning designs of a biophilic wall. The green wall is interesting to make a striking accent.

Use A Biophilic Wall

Also, this bathroom has no other exotic accents. Thus, the biophilic plants must consist of tropical plants. Besides, look at this bathroom interior. This bathroom is modern and clean. The biophilic background has a transparent glass wall to separate the room. It keeps the bathroom clean but still has nice wallpaper.

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  1. Designing A Jungle-like Bathroom

This is another jungle-like bathroom. It enlivens an exotic nuance in this bathroom. The semi-outdoor bathroom is a nice concept to bring a natural atmosphere. There is also a wooden pathway in this bathroom. The whole floor is full of small rocks.

Designing A Jungle-like Bathroom

Besides, the tropical plants around this room will get your attention. It covers all imperfections and fills this room beautifully. There are many Elephant’s Ear plants on both sides of the pathway. Also, there are birds of Paradise and indoor palms in this bathroom.

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  1. Growing Some Plants

Growing indoor plants may be a close tip for an exotic bathroom. Despite this, you should see this perfect idea. It is an exotic bathroom with some green plants. There are green roses on the sink and a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. Their green leaves are striking in this white bathroom.

Growing Some Plants

Even though it isn’t too exotic, this bathroom has a nice interior as well. There is a white bathtub with a wooden tray near a sunny window. Also, this exotic bathroom rug is stunning on the floor. Meanwhile, the wood element like a wood cabinet is useful to add a natural accent. You can make it stunning with more exotic accents.

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  1. Add A Wood Partition

Wood is a popular material in every home design. It looks perfect to decorate any interior. This idea uses a wood material to make a natural partition. There are vertical woods that create an interesting partition in the bathroom. You can install it as a decorative accent or make privacy.

Add A Wood Partition

This exotic bathroom has a wood partition to sweeten the dark grey wall. The brown wood matches the dark tiles and floor. Besides the toilet, there is a shower room. Moreover, this bathroom connects to nature by growing some indoor plants. There are green plants on the wall and outside the bathroom.

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  1. Install A Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an instant choice to redecorate a bathroom. It transforms a boring wall into a new one. Look at this bathroom. It has an exotic wallpaper with patterns of Birds of Paradise and palm leaves. Both plants are identical to exotic nuance. The combination of green and white colors will refresh this small wall.

Install A Wallpaper

Moreover, this bathroom has a catchy interior. There is a wood wall with attractive timber patterns. This shower room is narrow but has a nice design. It uses a transparent glass partition to separate the toilet. Besides, the light brown floor and lighting are helpful to make it looks larger.

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  1. Inviting Sunlight with A Glass Wall

An exotic bathroom is identical to sunny spots. Thus, you need to invite exposure to sunlight by windows or sunroof. This bathroom uses a transparent glass wall. It is useful to invite sunlight throughout the day. You can see the outdoor view.

Inviting Sunlight with A Glass Wall

Besides, this bathroom is stunning. The simple interior makes it looks spacious. The shower area only has one silver shower and is adjacent to the glass wall. Some designs have a bathtub but it is okay to only use a shower. If you don’t have any exotic accent, you can use wooden elements like a sink cabinet.

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These are 18 Exotic Master Bathroom to Redecorate the Old Interior Design. It is the main bathroom in the house. An exotic interior may help you to refresh the old bathroom design. You don’t need to rebuild the old bathroom and start decorating with a simple element like growing some plants. Besides that, we hope this article will give a new insight for you who wants to build a new bathroom. Good luck!


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