17 One Wall Kitchen Ideas and Why You Should Take This Design


Davidrayhomes.com – The kitchen is one of the most important parts of every house. Every home dweller needs a kitchen to cook meals. One wall kitchen can be an efficient choice for any house. This design uses one wall as a kitchen, so it has more space for the traffic. Also, one wall kitchen is a simple design to decorate. Here, are the 17 One Wall Kitchen Ideas and Why You Should Take This Design that you should see.

  1. Wall Kitchen with Colour Accents

The room color is an interesting part of home design. It determines how it looks and brings a certain atmosphere. This idea has few color accents. Look at the striking floor. It offers rich patterns that bring an artistic look.

Wall Kitchen with Colour Accents

Moreover, this idea has a matching color. The white accents are stunning to decorate the room. It has grey kitchen cabinets. Besides, the white top board makes a beautiful contrast to the grey cabinet. Also, the beige backsplash separates the white wall and cabinet. As you can see, another accent is the golden faucet and wall shelves.

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  1. An Ornate Flooring in A Gorgeous Kitchen

It is another ornate flooring. This idea is a common design in a traditional house. The tiles are colorful with rich accents. You can see this kitchen is colorful and lively. The colorful tiles invigorate the one-wall kitchen. It creates a clear difference in the kitchen area.

An Ornate Flooring in A Gorgeous Kitchen

The accent in this idea is more focused on the floor. Meanwhile, the top board is bare and empty. It is a simple olive top board. The color is matching kitchen cabinets. Also, the white backsplash is an ideal choice for light olive colors.

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  1. Soft Brown Theme

The soft brown theme is one of the popular colors for home design. This color is interesting and calming. You can feel the soothing atmosphere when seeing the soft brown color. There are big cabinets in this one-wall kitchen. It uses a wall to attach all the kitchen stuff.

Soft Brown Theme

There are a stove, sink, cutting board, and many more. Moreover, the soft brown cabinet has a wooden background. You can see the warm timber color when opening the cabinet. Meanwhile, the wall remains white. This one-wall kitchen has some tiny ceiling lamps.

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  1. Green and White Theme

The green color is identical to nature. People use this color to enliven a fresh impression. Look at this one-wall kitchen. The deep green cabinet is a focal point in this kitchen. The striking green color is interesting to match white.

Green and White Theme

A white backsplash is a shiny accent in this kitchen. The white backsplash is useful to show the dirt. You can wipe the backsplash after cooking and remove the dirt. Moreover, this kitchen uses porcelain as the topboard. It has a pattern like a natural stone. This top board supports the light color of the wall.

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  1. Modern One Wall Kitchen

Modern design is popular. It is stunning to decorate any room, like this kitchen. The modern design has a clean impression and natural colors. Here, is the soft grey cabinets. It has geometrical lines and elegant doorknobs.

Modern One Wall Kitchen

Besides, this one-wall kitchen is quite simple. It has two main colors white and grey. The white accents are on the wall and upper parts. Look at this interesting backsplash. It has a geometrical pattern and fits well on kitchen cabinets. In addition, put other modern parts, like a mounted cabinet and a few ornaments.

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  1. Attaching Pink Theme

The calming color can bring a fresh impression. Pink is one of the popular colors for home design. This idea has a pink theme that creates a sweet design. The pink color is stunning to match white colors. Both are interesting to improve brightness.

Attaching Pink Theme

Moreover, this pink kitchen has a backsplash with geometrical patterns. It looks elegant for a simple kitchen like this. This one-wall kitchen is small but can do all you need here. There are some wall shelves to load the kitchen stuff. Also, it has a small microwave above the top board. Meanwhile, the lower cabinet is useful to store kitchen appliances.

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  1. Wooden Wall Shelves

The wall shelf is an efficient storage to load some stuff. There are two wall shelves in this idea. The wooden wall shelf is natural with its timber color. Also, it shows off the wooden patterns as a unique part. This wooden wall shelf is useful to complete your one-wall kitchen.

Wooden Wall Shelves

Besides, this wall shelf is easy to install. It doesn’t need a large space to stick on the wall. Then, you can start loading the kitchen stuff on it. Look at this one-wall kitchen. The kitchen cabinet has a striking green color. It is a natural symbol that connects to wooden wall shelves.

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  1. Open the Window to Add Brightness

One wall kitchen is an interesting design. You can improve this kitchen by opening the window. The best design is using a glass window because you don’t need to open it whenever need more lights. Most room designers put the sink near the window. The natural warm sunlight will reduce the bacteria in the sink.

Open the Window to Add Brightness

Moreover, the kitchen color is important to support the brightness. It is an interesting choice to use light green and white colors. The light color will maximalize the reflection of light on its surface. Thus, this kitchen is more interesting. You can design this kitchen to create spacious traffic in a narrow room.

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  1. Wall Kitchen with Some Ornaments

The decorations in a room can bring a different nuance. Some people display their ornaments to get an interesting landscape for one wall kitchen. There are some ornaments in this kitchen. You will find flowers, candles, paintings, and interesting glass holders.

Wall Kitchen with Some Ornaments

This idea has an elegant design. It is consistent to use artistic details, like wall shelves with glass collection, backsplash, eccentric lamps, and geometrical doorknobs. Moreover, the pale green color can bring an old-style impression. This kitchen is more stunning with a wood ceiling.

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  1. Farmhouse Green Kitchen

The traditional design is interesting to enliven a classic impression. Farmhouse design has the same vibe to bring it out. Look at this kitchen. The raw brick wall is a must-have accent. It brings your one-wall kitchen more alive. Then, the Farmhouse is identical natural colors.

Farmhouse Green Kitchen

White and green are the basic colors for Farmhouse’s interior design. It looks interesting to split the wall with two designs. The backsplash is interesting following the color of the green cabinets. In addition, use a wooden top board to complete the green cabinets. These calming natural colors will enliven your Farmhouse kitchen.

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  1. Add Multiple Wall Shelves

Some people need more storage in the kitchen. They install wall shelves to create efficient storage. There are three wall shelves in this idea. It adds more space to load kitchen stuff. Every shelf is useful to load a different category.

Add Multiple Wall Shelves

Moreover, this kitchen has a mounted wall cabinet. The green cabinets are functional to save kitchen appliances and store dried ingredients. This one-wall kitchen is simple, even though the storage makes it looks a bit narrow. Then, look at the top board. The black top board matches the green cabinets.

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  1. Colorful One Wall Kitchen

Using more than one color will create an ornate design. This showy kitchen uses one wall concept. Even though it is narrow, the design is interesting and doesn’t look crowded. The calming colors are stunning. There are pink walls and a white backsplash.

Colorful One Wall Kitchen

The backsplash has a monochrome pattern. This one-wall kitchen has olive cabinets. It brings a natural impression to the kitchen. Here, are golden doorknobs that you’ll love. It looks on point and matches well with the green cabinets.

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  1. Attaching Classic Style

The classic design is a famous style to enliven the old atmosphere. Some traditional accents are useful to bring it out. This one-wall kitchen will change your mind. There are rich patterns and bold colors. The wooden top board is the smoothest accent between rich patterns.

Attaching Classic Style

The backsplash is stunning and showy. It supports the dark cabinet and wall shelves above it. The black cabinets are the main color in this kitchen. Also, it connects to black pendant lights with a strange lampshade. Moreover, the patterned carpet is interesting to add traditional vibes.

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  1. Use Calming Colours

There are calming colors to decorate your one-wall kitchen. There are soft olive and ivory-white colors. Both are the basic colors for this idea. Look at this one-wall kitchen. The ivory-white is useful to brighten the atmosphere. There is a wall and backsplash.

Use Calming Colours

Besides, the cabinets with soft olive are attractive. It creates a clean impression, so it is nice to cook in a soothing atmosphere. Moreover, the mounted cabinet and lower cabinet have large spaces. You can save more things inside it. Also, thrive on some plants to make them fresher.

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  1. Matching Your Backsplash

The backsplash is important to create a clean kitchen. You can clean the backsplash after cooking. Some room designers use a backsplash as decoration. This idea has an interesting backsplash that matches the kitchen theme. The white-cream color is best to represent the middle white.

Matching Your Backsplash

This kitchen has stunning kitchen cabinets. There are many drawers to save your kitchen appliances. Moreover, this one-wall kitchen is easy to access and won’t declutter the kitchen. The wooden top board is the only timber accent in this kitchen. In addition, display an ornamental plant to get an attractive design.

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  1. Light Colours for A Spacious Impression

The light color is useful to create a spacious impression. It reduces the dark atmosphere that brings a narrow impression. Here, is the kitchen that gets light colors. There are light grey and white colors. The one-wall kitchen is more spacious in these colors.

Light Colours for A Spacious Impression

Besides, it is easy to match it with various colors. This kitchen backsplash gets white and golden accents. It looks luxurious. Moreover, the white cabinet is the biggest part of this one-wall kitchen. So, its color will determine the impression. There are light grey and white cabinets on the wall and lower parts.

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  1. A Warm Atmosphere with A Dim Light

The Lighting is an important part of every room. This one-wall kitchen uses a dim light to bring a warm atmosphere. It has a traditional interior design. Look at the cabinet. This kitchen has olive colors with a white top board.

A Warm Atmosphere with A Dim Light

The white accents are useful to reflect the orange lights. Also, the shiny cabinets can reflect lights as well. This one-wall kitchen has beige tiles as a backsplash. Meanwhile, this kitchen has interesting decor. It looks clean and well-designed. There are stunning kitchen appliances on a display.

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Thus are 17 One Wall Kitchen Ideas and Why You Should Take This Design. This kitchen is simple and easy to design. You will have more space for the traffic. This kitchen design is interesting to decorate any home. You can design it as a short or long kitchen. It needs a top board with a cabinet as the basic design. Hopefully, this article can bring new insight to remodel your kitchen. Good luck with it!gg


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