20 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas with Attractive Mesh Doors for Stylish Design


Davidrayhomes.com – A cabinet is an important storage to put in the kitchen. Many people use a cabinet to save their kitchen appliances. Thus, they install a cabinet on the wall, kitchen countertop, or below the countertop. The cabinet consists of different designs. Some cabinets have mesh doors. It is a screen door to allow you to see through the door. Let’s get to know about mesh cabinets in this article. Here, we have 20 Kitchen Cabinet ideas with Attractive Mesh Doors for Stylish Design!

  1. Black Cabinet

The first idea is a black cabinet. It is an elegant design that fits any kitchen. You can install the black cabinet on the wall. Then, let it has a backsplash under the cabinet. Here, you will see the cubical tiles as a backsplash. This color matches the black cabinet.

Black Cabinet

Moreover, this cabinet is classic. The design of the cabinet will remind you of the Contemporary design. Meanwhile, the cabinet doors are stunning with wire mesh. This ventilated screen nails on the window frames. So, it is interesting to enliven the classic impression.

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  1. Light Grey Cabinet with Ventilation

Light grey is one of the popular colors for the home interior. It can reflect lights and brighten the room. Also, this color is easy to combine with other colors. Look at this idea. The light grey kitchen cabinet is interesting. It gets few details in dark colors.

Light Grey Cabinet with Ventilation

Moreover, this cabinet has attractive glass doors. The mesh glass is useful to protect the kitchen appliances inside it. Even the top storage get a transparent glass door with an X pattern. Both designs are stunning to decorate a kitchen cabinet. This cabinet will complete your kitchen design.

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  1. Fluted Glass on Dark Green Cabinet

Dark green is one of the best colors for an elegant design. It has dark shades that bring a mysterious impression. Let’s see this kitchen cabinet. This idea has a nice combination of black. The door frames are black. Also, it uses fluted glass between the frame.

Fluted Glass on Dark Green Cabinet

This idea is attractive to enliven an elegant nuance in your kitchen. The fluted glass door is a bit blurry. So, it looks elegant to save your luxurious glass. Also, you can add tiny lamps to brighten the interior. Meanwhile, this cabinet has a dark backsplash and countertop.

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  1. Transparent Glass Door on An Art Deco Cabinet

This is another classic design. The Art Deco cabinet will change your kitchen atmosphere. Look at the color choices. The dark green cabinet is stunning to get a sparkling accent. It is elegant and beautiful. The transparent glass door is useful to reflect lights.

Transparent Glass Door on An Art Deco Cabinet

Also, this cabinet has golden accents on its knobs. This storage has a few wood accents too. Both colors are catchy to contrast the dark green cabinet. If you have this cabinet, arrange your beautiful glass and plate collection. The transparent doors will show off these things.

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  1. Minimalist Cabinet with White Color

The minimalist design is versatile. Even you can use it in your kitchen. This minimalist cabinet will tell you how. It is simple furniture in white color. The cabinet is large and consists of a little storage. The main storage has big doors.

Minimalist Cabinet with White Color

Meanwhile, the smaller storage is simpler. Look at the kitchen cabinet on the corner. It has a slim design and little storage. Then, the upper part is full of glass materials. The transparent glass doors are stunning to a company with the white cabinet. Also, its black frames will create a distinct line.

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  1. Elegant Golden Mesh on Dark Cabinet

The golden color can bring a luxurious impression. It is easy to combine golden with other colors. Take a look at this cabinet. The golden mesh is elegant to decorate the dark cabinet. This idea shows a mesh design in detail.

Elegant Golden Mesh on Dark Cabinet

Besides, the golden accents are everywhere. There are golden knobs and lights that invite a more elegant impression. You can use this design to store your favorite drinks and glasses. Also, it brings a luxurious design to your kitchen.

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  1. Classic Cabinet with Brown Mesh

Many people like to be classic. They apply classic designs to the interior, like this idea. It is a representation of a classic cabinet with brown mesh. The brown screen is stunning to decorate the dark cabinet. This cabinet is a combination of classic and modern design.

Classic Cabinet with Brown Mesh

The cabinet has a clean line. It enlivens a modern accent in this kitchen. It even matches the white backsplash. The bright theme will mark a dark cabinet easily. So, this cabinet can be a focal point in this room.

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  1. Light Green Cabinet and Wire Mesh

Light green is a natural color. It brings the spirit of nature into home design. Look at this kitchen. The light green cabinet will invigorate the atmosphere. This cabinet is interesting to match a white kitchen.

Light Green Cabinet and Wire Mesh

This light green is a bit pale. It gets a wire mesh to decorate the doors. Even though it looks like a full-covered door, but can see through it. This beautiful cabinet can load kitchen appliances safely. You can add a glass screen for extra protection from dust and ants.

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  1. Fluted Long Cabinet

It is a fluted glass door for the cabinet. This material has a vertical pattern. It adds privacy to the kitchen cabinet. The glass door is not fully blurry or a bit transparent. Its long shape is simple to put on a countertop. It fills the space to the ceiling.

Fluted Long Cabinet

This long cabinet will take up a few spaces on a countertop. So, ensure your kitchen countertop is large, before installing this cabinet. Also, this cabinet should get the same design as the lower cabinet. The color represents a consistent theme. In addition, you can combine it with other colors.

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  1. Fluted Glass Cabinet Kitchen

This is a fluted glass cabinet. The door is blurry with vertical patterns. The fluted pattern is one of the popular designs to install on a cabinet. This glass material is useful to get a transparent view with privacy. The fluted glass is elegant to decorate any cabinet.

Fluted Glass Cabinet Kitchen

Besides, the fluted glass cabinet can be put on the corner. You can install it as a wall cabinet. Then, add small lamps beneath it. The warm light will brighten the countertop. Also, this cabinet is easy to access when saving or taking out kitchen appliances.

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  1. Wall Cabinet with Fluted Glass

It is another fluted glass on a kitchen cabinet. The door has vertical patterns, but it is not blurry. So, you can see through it more clearer than the previous design. The fluted glass cabinet is stunning to stick on the wall. Like other designs, this cabinet has a backsplash below.

Wall Cabinet with Fluted Glass

This cabinet has an elegant black color. It looks stunning when reflecting the lights. Also, the natural wood background inside the cabinet will add a colorful accent. You can see the things inside the cabinet. Moreover, you can match it with the kitchen countertop design.

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  1. Classic British Mesh Cabinet

The design of kitchen cabinets changes over time, but some classic designs still be attractive. Let’s see something old but gold. Here, is a popular design of kitchen cabinets in old Great Britain. This kitchen cabinet has gold doors. The mesh is an interesting ventilation.

Classic British Mesh Cabinet

Some room designers add a glass screen to keep it clean. So, the golden mesh is no more than a decorative accent. Besides, some people love to install it without glass. You can choose what you want if this idea will be your next design.

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  1. Ventilated Cabinet

The kitchen cabinet needs ventilation. Many pros and cons to installing this element in your kitchen cabinet. The ventilation will invite air inside the cabinet. It will reduce musty air and reduce fungus. So, it gives a few benefits for your kitchen cabinet.

Ventilated Cabinet

Despite this, the ventilation will invite soft dust too. Even though the ventilation has a tiny hole, dust can get through it. Also, some small insects like ants can walk inside your cabinet. Thus, the ventilated cabinet is useful for certain conditions. You can always choose this idea if you don’t matter.

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  1. Black Kitchen Cabinet with Lamps

Let’s move to old-style furniture. This kitchen cabinet has a classic design. The black color is stunning to create a classic atmosphere. This cabinet uses a wire mesh on the doors. It let you see inside.

Black Kitchen Cabinet with Lamps

Moreover, this cabinet is useful to load glass collections. You can add tiny lamps to show off your collection. This wire mesh has a glass screen. So, the big hexagonal patterns won’t invite dust inside. You can match it with classic ornaments. For example, there are old kitchen appliances on the countertop.

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  1. Long Vertical Cabinet

This cabinet is a bit mysterious. It has a long design with a slim shape. This cabinet fits a classic kitchen. Look at the mesh design. This is wire mesh with a hexagonal design. Besides, you can’t see through it.

Long Vertical Cabinet

The cabinet uses another wood screen behind the mesh. So, the mesh material is a purely decorative accent. In addition, this cabinet uses black doorknobs. These elements match this design and nuance. Even it is okay to install this slim cabinet on the kitchen countertop.

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  1. Golden Mesh Door on Navy Cabinet

It is a dark kitchen. Most of the elements here are in dark colors. Even the cabinet gets navy color. This cabinet is the biggest furniture in this kitchen. So, it dominates the kitchen decoration. This cabinet gets some contrast accents, like golden mesh and knobs.

Golden Mesh Door on Navy Cabinet

The golden mesh is a cool design. It brings a perfect combination to your kitchen cabinet. Moreover, this cabinet uses a light wood countertop. The light brown shade is the best companion for the golden color in this cabinet. Moreover, the cabinet design is attractive. There are wall shelves that separate two wall cabinets.

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  1. Classic Mesh with Pale Green Color

The classic design will change your room’s interior. Here, is a classic cabinet with pale green color. This storage has classic mesh as the screen. The mesh is interesting with hexagonal patterns. This pattern is identical to the vintage design.

Classic Mesh with Pale Green Color

This cabinet is on the edge of a countertop. Also, there are four doors with hexagonal mesh. It has no other screens. So, you can touch the things inside through it. The upper storage also gets the same mesh.

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  1. Vintage Cabinet x Glass Doors

A vintage design will revive a classic impression. It brings a warm atmosphere with a catchy design. The vintage cabinet is one of the classic furniture for the kitchen. This design has many drawers on the lower cabinet. Also, it has a few storages with glass doors on the upper part.

Vintage Cabinet x Glass Doors

Look at this cabinet. The glass doors are useful to invite lights to shine the things inside. Also, the simple design is useful to revive a Farmhouse accent. Moreover, this kitchen has a white countertop to improve brightness. This vintage cabinet is more stunning to get a few wood accents on a countertop.

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  1. White Cabinet and Golden Accents

The white color is versatile. It fits any design and room size. You can pick a white cabinet to install in your kitchen. For example, this white cabinet is stunning with golden accents. It is attractive to decorate a classic kitchen. Look at the kitchen wall. The ornate pattern represents a classic design.

White Cabinet and Golden Accents

This cabinet is a perfect storage to install in this room. The golden mesh creates a contrast to the white color. Moreover, there is a golden glass behind the mesh. You can match it with other golden accents, like golden faucets and knobs. In addition, put a few ornaments on the corner of the countertop.

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  1. Beige Cabinet with Glass Doors

The beige color is attractive to decorate a kitchen. Here, is a beige cabinet. The beige kitchen cabinet is interesting to get a calm nuance. Also, it brings a soft color to lead the design. This cabinet matches the kitchen wall.

Beige Cabinet with Glass Doors

It has transparent glass doors. Even though the cabinet design is simple, it looks stunning to decorate your kitchen. You can decorate it with other ornaments on the countertop. In addition, you can create more wall cabinets without a door, just like this idea. It can be a focal point on the corner.

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Thus are 20 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas with Attractive Mesh Doors for Stylish Design. Many designs of mesh that you can choose from. So, you can pick the best designs and materials to decorate it. There are glass, wood, fluted glass, blurry glass, and wire mesh. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to install mesh or screen on your kitchen cabinet. Good luck!


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