10 Creative Ideas for your Dining Room Walls


The dining room walls in our homes is the one space that allows us to do something in a creative manner with the outcome of the same being totally unexpected. Even the roomiest and smallest of the dining rooms are able to handle wallpapers with patterns and dark colours if it is played well. It is true that we share the dining room space with our guests and family members, but more often than not, when it’s not being used, the dining room sits empty. The good part about this is that, is your dining room isn’t used 24/7, listed below are a few ways with which you can be more creative with the décor and the colour of the space.

1. Reclaimed Wood

It’s always a challenge to warm up a dining space that is open and it could be difficult to bring some character and personality in a plain room. The one thing that can help you do the same is reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood accents are not only big on trend right now, but can also centre a dining space that is empty, with the help of texture and colour of the piece. For a dining room that is plain, a wooden accented wall with add the much-needed element architecturally.

2. Metallic Wallpaper

If you want to go in for a more neutral look for your dining table, you can do so and make it interesting looking as well. The secret to it? Texture and pattern. Metallic print wallpaper as well as graphic patterned wallpapers bring light into the room and ultimately end up highlighting the fixtures in that space. You can find UK wallpaper for cheap that will have your room looking sharper than ever

3. Highlight the Architectural Details with Colour

The built-ins in the dining room give you an opportunity to add pretty accented colours to your walls, without the hassled of painting it. If you don’t have built-in cabinets, no problem at all! Hutches, bookcases and even China cabinets can be customized with the help of colour. Although you would want to choose an accent colour that pops from the cabinets in order to really show it off.

4. Go Bold or Go Home

We all love a strong bold colour in our homes, and the perfect spot to show it off is in the dining room. Just like a powder, even your dining room will have the ability to handle your favourite colour with ease. Are you not ready to commit to having your wall painted with a bold colour? Try to go in for a smaller section to be painted. You can also make a bold statement with your dining room table and chairs and for good deals for these furniture pieces, buy furniture online.

5. Drapes

Another way to bring some light and colour into your dining room is by adding colourful, graphic or patterned drapes to the space. Since it is not always possible to paint you dining room walls because you could be a renter or you might just not have enough time to tackle a painting job, draperies can bring in juts the effect of a painted wall, without having to go through the hassle.

6. Big big and big!

Don’t we all love a dining room with a wow factor? It is actually much easier to achieve the perfect contemporary styled dining room in your home with the correct wallpaper and colour. One of the easiest ways to create a good statement on your dining walls is with a graphic wallpaper.

Now that you have so many designs lined up to decorate your dining room walls with, what are you waiting for? Make use of these dining room interior design ideas and make the most of it.

7. Stripes

Don’t we all love stripes, especially if it’s on the walls? Horizontal and bold stripes can make the small space in your dining room look larger and give it the illusion of architectural detail as well. In doing so, you might want to keep the stripes very simple with just a combination of a few colours .

8. Mix Colours and Patterns together

When it comes to decorating your dining room, don’t be shy to mix colours and patterns. You will have more creative options to go about, because it is the least used room in your homes so you can afford to be fearless. Mix patterns like florals and stripe, but try not to go overboard. A monochromatic colours palettes can also be of good use.

9. Realistic Photo Mural

A photo mural on the wall can make it seem like the dining room goes on forever and ever. Be it a soothing beach scene or a sunset, a mural will give a relaxing view to the guests while they enjoy their dinner.

10. Be a Little Dramatic

It’s true that your dining room has four walls, but the fifth walls that is the ceiling is usually overlooked while decorating. A chandelier suspended from the ceiling for decoration can act as a good focal point in your dining space. You can take advantage of that extra wall and add reclaimed wood, wallpaper of even an accent colour to it.


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